Monday 27th December saw us as guests of Peter Shaw at the Southern Proving Ground for a very sunny but very cold day! The grounds were covered in a heavy frost so there were a lot of cold feet. Fortunately Howard had his big container of soup and Peter supplied us all with tea, coffee and mince pies. Click on the thumbs to enlarge the pictures. Thanks to Johnny for the pics.

Yes it was really cold that day! Obviously the water levels had been higher recently as is evident by these strips of ice. Humpy and Vince drive down towards the proving ground... ...followed by the rest of the gang. A quick chat before the driving starts in earnest.
Some more discussion going on but Anne can't wait, she's off with her Xmas present! Sean takes his Tiger through the frost... ...and catches some sharp winter sun. Allan's Toystar T34 which he's motorised with Bandai gearboxes performed well on the rough. Another view of the T34.
Jim's Tiger seems to have sprouted a driver! A lull in the proceedings see tank drivers trying to keep their feet warm... ...whereas John's got the ideal way to keep his ears warm! John's Panther pauses for breath. Peter's latest creation, a scale pontoon bridge which we couldn't put to the test as there wasn't really enough water in the stream.
Vince's other toy, a 21st Century M5 Stuart. Richard's IS152 has a bit of a problem with it's elevation! Vince's Tiger charges towards the proving ground. Robin's appropriately painted Tiger merges well into the background. Peter's Elefant at speed.
Howard's JS, tracks flailing, runs through the frost. Anne practises with her new toy... ...a Tamiya Leopard2! Mel's half track with scratch built trailer... ...which thoughtfully is filled with gas for all those thirsty Panzers!
Jim demonstrates his new charging socket with it's head shaped bung!