Saturday February 12th saw members of the club at Yeovilton again. This is a good all round show but only for one day which is a shame for people that would like to go but may have to travel. The RNAS Museum is a good setting for a model show with plenty to look at in it's own right. Pictures and captions are from Robert Bruce.

Gary Bailey keeps a watchful eye over his collection. Robert Bruce's Panther with his growing collection of dollys and clutter! The UKTC table pretty well full with models behind in boxes. This Pak40 belonged to Ade of the 1/6th Collectors Club. A Tamiya Tiger seen on one of the model boat clubs stand. It obviously hasn't seen much action yet!
On another boat clubs stand, these models look more used (and abused) just as they should. The same modellers Pershing in just finished condition. Marc (Ford?) very nice Tiger 1. Marc's Kubelwagen again a very nice model. Tony Volante's M5 Stuart seems to be crewed by Charlie Chaplin!
Also Tony's is this Heng Long 1/16th Panther. This is Ade's helo diorama. Not to be outdone, the crew of Robert's Panther have acquired a bike. Dave Pengelly's Leopard receives some attention. Dave's very clean Tiger 1.
Also Dave's is this stripy King Tiger. This King Tiger (also Dave's) is a vintage model with no DMD or turret rotation but beautifully weathered. Dave's nicely finished Sherman. An unusual model (Porsche turreted King Tiger) in an unusual paintjob, very nice (also Dave's). Dave's Tiger 1 with real mud!
  His Pershing was soooo clean! Some of Dave's or Shaun's stowage plus some metal shells from Mr Models. Just to prove we're open minded here's a Do217 German medium bomber seen on one of the plane stands.