A new show for us this year, the London Model Engineering show held at Alexander Palace over the long weekend of January 20th to 22nd. Considering the subject matter of the show their was still plenty of interest in the Tanks and the Club. Thanks must go to Robin Ellis and Garry Comber for organising the event on behalf of the Club and to Garry for the pictures and some of the captions,

Friday was busy and as ever the tank club stand was busy. Mike Regan's Jagdtiger, originally converted from a    M-1-T king tiger by Peter Shaw. Mike's crew get the tools out. Mike's Armortek Tiger.
Robins Tiger with a winter scene to suit the weather outside.
Close up of Robin's crew including a couple of Vince Abbots animatronic figures. Garry's Tiger on it's first outing since the extensive detailing work started.
A scratch build 1/9th scale Chieftain exhibited on the Tonbridge model
society stand.
Close up of the main gun and ranging MG. Apparently this model was completely scratchbuilt and uses a small petrol engine with custom made transmission.
John Cooper's Armortek Tiger fresh from Steve Winstone's workshop displayed on the Chingford Modellers stand. A destroyer. A large model of HMS Hermes, the British flag ship during the Falklands. A rather nice Type 21Frigate on the Broomfield model boat club stand. If you ever wondered how they do it. The insides of an R/C submarine.
A rather nice long keel Ketch. Not to be confused with a Yawl as the mizzen is stepped in front of the rudder.
The next three pictures show a hand crafted Mercedes Benz SS tourer made by Fine art models from the USA.
This dashboard could almost be real. Another view head on. This is an example of the ubiquitous GWR small Prairie 45xx class. These could be seen all over the GWR and later Western Region in steam days.
This chunky loco was designed right at the end of the GWR's existence for heavy shunting at Paddington Station This Merchant Navy class represents the class after they were heavily re-built to improve their reliability., An example of a Norfolk and Western A Class 2-6-6-4. The real thing weighed in at 573,000lbs and developed 6325 drawbar horsepower!!! Fully working petrol powered model motorcycle engine.


Yet another fully working model of a motorcycle engine, this time a Matchless.
Beautiful 9 cylinder model radial air craft engine, again fully working.
Another model from fine art models, this time a BMW motorcycle and side. A model steam truck on the Modelworks stand.
A very nice model of a John Fowler traction engine. A bored looking Schultz keeps an eye on the UKTC stand with Col. Klink keeping an eye on Schultz!!