This year held over the long weekend of January 19th to 21st, we ended up in a slightly different spot with less room! Although it was a bit of a squeeze on Sunday everybody had a good time and there was lots of money spent on bits and bobs. This year there was an arena for all land based RC models and although small and flat at least we could demonstrate the models rather than them  just being static. Thanks again to Robin for organising the show and me for the pictures!!

Sunday's display was the biggest for us and possibly the busiest for the show... you can see, a good mixed turnout! Garry's Tiger guards one end of the stand. Noel's new Christmas present overlooks the Tiger's. Noel fires up his halftrack for a trip around the arena... Mick starts up his Tiger. The two models in the arena. The arena wasn't very big and totally two dimensional but at least we could run a few models now and then during the day. Mick concentrates on the controls... ...sending the Tiger gliding around the display area. Noel demonstrates his towing driving skills...
...using his halftrack to tow a Pak40. The models draw some admiring glances from passersby. On the Gauge 1 live steam model railway was this beautiful GWR King class loco, one of Hump's favourites! Just some of the many model boats and boat club displays at the show. This is a model of HMS Furious, the Royal Navy's ugly duckling apparently! ALthough of unconventional design it was quite successful.
On the Meccano club stand was this lovely model of a traction engine... ...and this model of Stephenson's Rocket and coaches. This is a local chap to us in Tunbridge Wells who's scratch built this 1/9th Cheiftan... ...with petrol hydraulic drive and a two speed automatic gearbox a very complicated model! More of this at a later stage.     New this year was an indoor flying display by electric models obviously behind a safety net!
  Another one of Humpy's favourites, although in the aircraft world, the Bristol Beaufighter.   Dave Dibb excersises his modelling skills by 'distressing' his newly bought bucket!!!