On April 26th Members of the Club converged on Royal Ascot Racecourse for the Annual model show held there. We were positioned right at the other end of the site this time to prevent too many problems with Frequency clashes! We ran some models on and off all day and a two hour lunchtime slot when we ran all that we could to fit in with Cars and Boats. It was a good day with quite a bit of sun (the weather forecast was bad!) and a lot of interest in our models. Thanks to Johnny for the pics and to Jim for being our point of contact.

Johnny risked life and limb to get this panoramic picture of the Club stand. And just to prove once more that the Tamiya models can do anything their bigger brethren can do, Gary runs his King Tiger up onto the Berge Panther trolley. ...followed by Gary's, then the larger scales with Mark on the end. As usual the Tanks always seem to draw a crowd. Strangely enough the Club stand was right opposite a Burger Bar! Perhaps the organisers were warned of the UK Tank Club member's voracious appetites!
Mark Spencer's 1/6th T-34 charging along at breakneck speed. Here we see some appreciative members of the paying public about to be gassed by the T-34! Here it is again on static display with some (Dragon?) figures completing the scene. Mark's massive 1/6th King Tiger worries the crowds. Here's Humpy demonstrating his 1/8th Panther's brute strength! On seeing this Mark threw down a challenge...
...and never being one to refuse a challenge allowed Mark to go ahead! The picture says it all! A more normal load for the Panther, Howard's T-34. Not to be outdone the JP had to have a go as well. The public seem to enjoy this, we call it 'The Italian Job'! Howard's T-34 enthrals the youngsters in the crowd. Kids are either fascinated or scared stiff by the tanks. Caught in pensive mood, Mark and Greg watch the proceedings from the safety of the stand!


And at the opposite end of the scale Garry Coomber's 1/8th Panther complete with mud camouflage! Gary Bailey's Pershing came out to play. The hard Tarmac surface at Ascot is ideal for the Tamiya models. Jim must model 24 hours a day to turn out the amount of models he makes! This is his new 35th scale diorama. And his new 72nd scale diorama. I'd like to see a 72nd scale Hauptman Humpy Jim! Jim's unbreakable Tamiya King Tiger.
Humpy thinks 'I'll sneak up on the T-34 twins and give them what for!'  Howard and Richards T-34's. As mentioned before, children are either fascinated or frightened by the models but I'm not sure how this little chap feels about Mark's King Tiger bearing down on him! Gary Bailey's Leopard runs past Big Dave's Sherman. Howard officiates as Richard brings his T-34 down the ramp and off the display table much to the publics amazement. Big Dave's 1/6th Sherman Firefly draws some admiring glances. It does look better with clutter all over it!
The T-34 twins go in search of some poor German tank to harass. As last year in the afternoon a large battle ensued using the Tamiya models with Battle Systems. Johnny accused Jim of cheating as Jims tank had an unfair advantage because of the Battle System being placed incorrectly!!! More admiring looks drawn by young and old alike. This picture just goes to show the comparison in size between Gary Bailey's 1/16th Sherman and Big Dave's 1/6th Sherman Firefly. What a fine body of men! The faces behind the models. From left to right Howard, Humpy, Richard, Big Dave and Gary Bailey.