Sunday 25th April saw various members of the club at the Royal Ascot Racecourse for another Ascot RC show. We had our usual position well away from the RC cars and boats which suits us! The weather was warm and sunny and the crowds came to see the tanks. Thanks to Johnny once again for the pictures.

A panoramic view of the Club stand. A line up of the Tamiya models with Howard's Toystar 1/25th scale T34 on the end. Jim's display of Dragon figures with his diorama. And here we see the main man himself and his award winning tank! After Mark Spencer's stair climbing escapade last year Jim thought he'd have a go...
...and not to be undone, Garry had to have a go as well. Just to go one better he decided to drive back down again! A superb close up of Garry's Tiger. Humpy's refurbished JagdPanther gets it's grand unveiling! Greg's Tamiya Tiger goes for a run.
Big Dave's King Tiger thrills the crowds. Another view of Humpy's JP which ran well for it's first day out after refurbishment. One small problem was when the fighting compartment roof ventilator was blown off by the force of the gunfire within! Humpy's terrible twins perform for onlookers. A close up of the twins.
Just to show how popular the tanks are just look at the size of the crowd watching these models. Bryan's beautifully cluttered Sherman Firefly here being driven by Humpy... ...and here broken by Humpy!   Jim's Ford Mutt and  Pak  40 give a quick display. Mel's Tiger before it's unfortunate loading accident.
John's Panther charging around. These two tanks have run out of ammunition so they've decided to joust! These two are supposed to be on the same side but you wouldn't think so. Martin Payne's far too clean Panther! More dirt Martin! Other models seen at the show was this excellent live steam traction engine one of a few present and giving rides.
Seen near the model boats (appropriately) was this model Mulberry Harbour. In 1/16th scale it was quite an impressive model. I wonder if Peter Shaw would think of making one of these in 1/6th scale! Jim's Kubel was seen scurrying around during the day. As was Ray Spooner's Ferret. Here we see Ray driving his scratchbuilt T34.
Unfortunately for Ray, Garry's Tiger is sneaking up behind him! At various times of the day the Tamiya models came out to play en masse. Not sure who's this very nice Tamiya Sherman is. No doubt someone will tell me. The clubs has a new mascot, Harvey a six foot (scale!) white rabbit. "Zer is no white rabbit in ze Kubel"!