This years Ascot show was held at Windsor racecourse as the usual venue is being refurbished. Whereas the Ascot show is quite compact, the arrangement at Windsor allowed everything to be more spread out which seemed to suggest fewer exhibitors/displays but I think in retrospect it was about the same. We were very restricted this year with running times and frequencies and I have tasked Jim Cusworth, the Clubs representative for this show to push for more flexibility next year! We shall see. The weather wasn't brilliant but could have been worse, fortunately the SE Div of the Club were there in force complete with large display tent which helped save the day. Thanks to Johnny for the pics.

With the new tank transporter in the background, the tents gone up and the models and members are huddled underneath! As we ended up with so many models on display we attached a back to the tent... ...and propped it up to make extra shelter. As usual Jim's dolly's made for an excellent display with some well know celebrities in its midst! Big Dave's Firefly goes for a test run after some maintenance.
Another of big Dave's models, this time his King Tiger designed for shooting round corners!!! Vince's Tiger up on his maintenance platform... ...allowing some close up details to be seen. Just in case of a failure Vince's mechanic stands by with a spare Maybach. Greg takes his all too clean Panther for a run.
A pair of half tracks stand idly by waiting for frequency time!! Bryan's Elefant complete with nodding dollys. Martin takes his BergePanther/Panther out looking for some business. Later on he turned it back into a Panther, two for the price of one! Is this the Pied Piper of Reading or the world famous Jim Cusworth!! Robin takes his Tiger for an ice cream.
Robin's crew still trying to make head or tail of there maps! Something you thought you'd never see, Humpy driving a Russian tank. Mark's 1/8th metal Sherman now with sounds and proportional control added struts its stuff. This vast area was right in front of our display. Pity we couldn't have filled it with running tanks all day! Being an all round model show there were all sorts of things to see, from this miniature traction engine...
...large scale Sopwith... ...various model boats... ...and, err, other models! Vince drive's Mark's model and Mark drives Vince's model! Big Dave keeps a watchful eye on the SE Div new tank transporter, or is he just taking it easy!!!