Like last year the Ascot show was held at Windsor racecourse but unlike last year the weather was absolutely superb! Held on just one day the show is quite compact but pleasant and because of the weather attendance was way up on last year which makes it all worthwhile for us. I never managed to have a look round the show until the afternoon as we were all bombarded with questions about the tanks and the hobby in general which of course we're always only to happy to answer! Thanks to Johnny for the pictures.

As before, we were just inside the back gate. Just right for a quick exit! We put a tent up just in case. Jim's highly modified Dragon Kubelwagen uses a 1/10th scale car chassis for it's mechanics. Some of Jim's 1/16th scale Tamiya models rub shoulders with Paul Norton's Tamiya Tiger. Who's that handsome chap behind? Johnny's Sturmtiger top and chassis were placed on display as work in progress. As you can see there's still a way to go. This is the all metal chassis that Howard scratch built using all the suspension and running gear of the original chassis.
The larger models have to sit on the floor as they're somewhat heavier. Of course Jim's Tiger has to be in the forefront of all displays! Mike Norris's Tiger on it's first UKTC outing compares favourably with Jims! Kieren's excellent scratchbuilt Churchill goes for a run in the sunshine. Kieren's scratchbuilt Matador awaits it's turn to run
Ray's scratchbuilt M3 half track looks rather full judging by all those helmets! Ray's scratchbuilt Whites 666 prime mover demonstrated it's pulling power with Kieren's Churchill on the back. Robin's Tiger is hardly visible under all those Panzer grenadiers! Mark's Puma amazed the public with all those wheels turning and driving. Greg's 1/8th Panther still looks far too clean! I've told him time and again to leave it outside in the rain for a week or to but he won't!
Vince's half track and Pak40 demonstrate to the crowd. When the vehicle corners, the steering wheel turns and the drivers hear turns into the corner! Of the other models and exhibits that were there, this traction engine... ...and some novelty RC boats... ...and fish kept the pubic amused! A group mug shot minus a few members that had to set off for home earlier.