September 27th and 28th found us once more at the Clubs birthplace, Bovington Tank Museum for the South West Model Expo. This show has gone from strength to strength and is far bigger than it was a few years ago. Some arrived Friday and some came along at the weekend but everybody who came enjoyed themselves. As usual the events organisers laid on an evening meal in the restaurant, arranged for the bar to stay open late and a little music besides. All this goes to make Bovington a superb show.

The museum frontage basking the sun. As usual with 2003 the weather was superb although a little cold at night. Some of us went to Swanage  on  the Friday morning via the steam railway to have a very pleasant pub lunch. Click this link for some more pics. Saturday morning and it's time to give the models a run, here we see a mass formation advancing on the car park. Robert, John and Howard suss out the conditions. Humpy's Panther living up to it's nickname once more, Das Bulldozer!
Garry nearly has an accident with his Tiger. The gold bullion must have shifted! "Don't worry, I've got a plan!" Oops! Richard weeps openly over the remains of his T34's right track! Unfortunately the consistency of the Tank Course is not kind to the models and some track failures occurred. Jim 'The film star' Cusworth's superb Tiger laughs at the stony surface. Alan and Garry's  Tigers  together after Garry rescued his from the precipice. All to soon our allotted time slots were over and so we returned to the Museum.
What better way to get back to our stand than to drive through the museum itself. The Museum staff are very tolerant A Saracen armoured car out and about on the running track. A Russian T55 throws up the dust as it roars around the track... ...and up and over the knife edge. The commentator described the Russian tanks as agricultural and needing arms like a Gorilla to drive them! A US M114 APC demonstrates to the crowds.
Jim's Tamiya models lined up with the construction instructions adjacent for people to browse through.   Gary's Tamiya models stretching off into the distance! Robert's Tamiya model collection. Richard with hat, makes the final adjustments to his 'Tank Cam' before the Sunday run Jim, Matt and Dave terrorise the German tanks with their Pershing trio.
Matt, Ron and Mark driving four tanks? John's Panther gives the Daleks a run for their money with it's new secret weapon. Humpy and Nigel having a serious discussion about what size the threads were on a Panther's exhaust manifold! This was before everything went blurry! Click on this link (if you dare!) to see the party pics! Here we see the 'Meccano Man' with some of his superb models. Although they are wired remote control they are mechanically the same as there full size cousins. This Sherman has clutch and brake steering just like the original.
  'If you go down in the woods today you're sure of a big surprise. If you go down in the woods today you'll find the Tank Command guys'!!! Mark tries to break his previous record for just how many people he can tow behind his Tiger, which is just as well after the night before! This new exhibit was spotted in the Museum, it's a Hairy Hummer!