This year the South West Model Expo was held over the weekend of 26th and 27th September and as usual was a good all round model show with that superb Saturday evening bash for the traders! We seem to have a bigger and bigger display each year with more and more tanks, who knows what we'll see next year. Thanks to Johnny for the pictures.

Mark's early Tiger poses besides it's bigger brother on the Friday evening while the museum was quiet. An overview of the UKTC's display. The Tamiya models lined up. Some of the one sixth models ready for the off... ...and the rest.
The 1/8th models on display.   Very appropriately, Hauptman Humpy receives attention from Elsa!  Marc and Dave give a demonstration of the Tamiya models. Ray Spooner's latest scratch built model is this excellent M3 half track...
...and here it is at speed! Ron's Tamiya Tiger with the top off it's turret. This model appeared in Military Modelling.     Here's Harvey's mate, Wallbanger suitably attired!
Dave and Lee pose with Wallbanger. Dave must get the furthest travelled award, he came down from North Shields!!! Seen outside the museum building were some beautiful owls, this is sooty a snowy owl. Our friend the Meccano Man was present with some of his superb models. This hovercraft was flying (?) around outside the museum. Here we see a nervous standoff between the tanks and the Daleks. More of this later!
Howard and Jim's Leopards charging about outside. After a close call earlier, Richard's IS prepares to take on the Daleks with a secret weapon. The challenge is thrown down and battle commences. After an overwhelming victory, the tanks prepare to withdraw. Mark is just about to show how good his singing voice is! This picture and others can be found here on a separate page purely for the Traders Party. View it if you dare!
The day after the night before and Dave's suffering! It's time to go out on a run so Paul... ...Paul?... ...Jim... ...Garry...
...and Mark drive their models out of the main museum building. Mark's half track leas the way... ...and the rest follow. While out and about Jim's Tiger was seen wearing this bumper sticker! 'Nuff said. Here we see the very rare camo monster, a rarely seen creature normally only seen after the hours of darkness and near a pub!
John Guy's son takes Humpy's Panther for a drive. Easy isn't it son? This thirsty German thought he wasn't being watched but he was wrong. This hungry German was caught tucking into a hula hoop! This picture needs a little explanation, apparently the tin is a tin of rabbit stew! Say no more!!