Once again Members of the UKTC descended in force on the Tank Museum at Bovington in late September. We had our usual three half hour slots during each day and weren't restricted too much with frequencies although there were a few clashes amongst ourselves which were sorted out fairly amiably! The Saturday evening bash went off well with myself and Richard entertaining the crowds with some choice song and dance routines not to mention Dalek Karaoke!! Thanks to Johnny and Robert Bruce for the pics.

We ended up in the same place as last year... ...with some of the big models on display out front... ...and Jim's dollies and dioramas taking pride of place! Dave Pengelly's 1/8th JagdPanther didn't run too much as he was waiting for some new tracks from myself which I promptly forgot to bring!! Ray and Kieren's models were kept apart from the Axis just in case trouble broke out!
A close up of Ray's scratchbuilt M3 halftrack, very nice. This was Mark Spencer's new 1/8th metal Tiger from his Chinese associate which ran very well out of the box. Richard's WaSan T34 with an interesting camouflage scheme. Dave P's Goliath being pulled along by a couple of Humpy's Pea   Pattern  Clone Army! Seen on the South West RC Modellers stand was this part built Armortek Tiger of Marc Ford. Hopefully it will be running next year Marc?
Here it is, the real deal, the Museums working Tiger. Except that it's not actually working at the mo! We believe that the engine had been removed to go to the SdKfz Restoration Foundation's workshops in Kent for re-working. Whilst out and about in the Museum there were plenty of other Tank enthusiasts with there models on display here an excellent JagdPanther in winter... ...and here a heavily camouflaged Panther and crew take a break from the rigours of war. These 1/6th scale models belongs to one of our newest Members, Bev Johnston, who some of us will remember gave the commentary from the boat club stand when we used to go and play out on the tank course in years gone by.
This large diorama had the Yanks arriving in one end of the town while the Germans were preparing for it's defence at the other end. "The  Yanks  are  coming!" unaware of the Germans. Some of Dr Who's deadliest enemies were taking a break from ransacking the universe to visit the show!   Peter Couldwell's very clever on    the inside Panther has received a new camo scheme for this year. This T34 belongs to Dave Thacker   another one of our new members.
This little Jeep is another of Ray's creations! All hands to the pump, er, well transmitters then. We have the frequency pegs and the clocks ticking so lets go! The models roll along the side of the car park towards the trade stands... ...and along the row of stands and exhibitors...   ...and out the other end and back onto the car park.
    Click on this picture for the party pics but be warned some are pretty gruesome!