We were in a different part of the main hall this year but we still had the same size arena which we had all to ourselves! We were a few members down on last year as staying in Brighton is not cheap but we managed with almost as many models. As in previous years, yours truly was on the PA mike giving a highly entertaining (?) commentary to the twice daily battles, this is why there isn't any pictures of the battle scenes as I'm only a bloke and can only do one thing at a time :-) Below is a couple of YouTube videos which show far more than I could in stills pictures. There's even a snippet of us battling.

Here's some of the Allied vehicles we had on display. This year's debut vehicle was Ray's Hellcat. And here's the bad guys with Mick's Tiger with it's new snow camouflage. Mick was moaning as he'd painted the Tiger when the snow came but it hadn't dried in time to get some pics and we'd had no snow since!! Here's the Hotel du Brighton looking the worse for wear.. ..but there's a couple of German mountain troops defending it. On the other side of the road is the remains of St Elsewhere still with some of it's stained glass windows intact.
Looking from the Axis side across the girder bridge towards the Allied forces. Out in front of the display was Lyndon's highly modified King Tiger with the top off to impress the model engineers. Big Dave's King Tiger negotiates the temporary bridge thoughtfully left behind by the retreating Allies. Bryan's stripy Tiger negotiates the girder bridge to bring pressure to bear on the Allies. Mick's snowy Tiger follows Bryan's Tiger to give support.
The Allies muster their forces to drive the Germans back across the River. Mick's Kubelwagen carefully negotiates the hump backed bridge. Jim impresses the public with the size of his weapon inside.. ..and out to the waiting punters. Anybody recognise this? It's a Scammel mechanical horse used for local deliveries from British Railways stations.
    Here's the picture as posted on the UKTC Forum for a caption competition. The lads are actually wiring up the explosive detornators for the next display, but it does look rather funny!    
Here's two links to some YouTube videos showing parts of the 2010 show.