Over the long weekend of Friday February 15th to Sunday 17th members of the Club descended upon Brighton for the 2008 Modelworld exhibition. This year we were granted a larger area than usual (after much behind the scenes wrangling!) and had a large (larger than normal) shared arena in which to display in. Although we were promised three ton of earth to form hills and troughs, we ended up with a dusting really. Although not as much as we hoped for it was better than previous years. The organisers also provided us with a smoke machine to provide some atmosphere for our battle displays. These went down well with the public and the show organisers alike. Thanks to Sue Coussens and Mick Regan for the majority of the pics.

Lyndon's Challenger gingerly
picks it's way across Kieren's bridge sections!
Closely followed by Mick
Regan's Armortek Tiger. The
bridge sections are made
out of Plywood so we were wondering if it was going to
make it across!!
Lyndon's Chally again terrorising the Germans! Howard's JS2 digging in to the loose earth. Kay's SdKfz251 Ambulance
goes out after one of the battles to pick up the wounded.
Lyndon's Challenger again crests the hill, well, what passes for a hill! Kay's half track has a close
encounter with a model
...as does Brian's Tiger. Kieren's Churchill at speed. A close up of Robin's Tiger.
Neil's Tiger crests the 'hill'... ...and then runs down the following slope. Brian's Tiger with it's weathering! And how was it done? By Humpy with a shovel... ...and a broom!
Some more pictures, this time from Mick. Here we see the arena with the three ton or earth! Hmm. Here's some of the models awaiting there turn in the arena for the battle display. Here's a good picture of some of the models on our display... ...including this Universal Carrier scratch built by Kieren.. ...and this Lee also scratch built by Ray.
Humpy's Stug IV otherwise known as Thors Hammer with Bryan the Bastard in the background. Hauptmann Humpy still has his drink problem! A superb 1/16th model Huey and transporter, all scratch built!   One of Brighton's major attractions... ...not one of Brighton's major attractions!!!