Over the Easter Bank holiday weekend of 23rd and 24th March we were invited to the Cambridge Museum of Technology, a Victorian pumping station on the banks of the river Cam. Despite a heavy fall of snow causing the obstacle course to be moved inside, we enjoyed 2 days of tanking. The museum staff said they had the largest number of visitors for a long time, and a return visit is being arranged.

John's JS2 sets off across the
Russian Steppe!
Robin's Tiger plays cat and
mouse with John's JS2.
Mick's Tiger fully zimmerited! While inside the JS2 is put through
it's paces.
Inside the models draw admiring
looks from some younger
Paul drives around the inside
...while Robin and Mick's Tigers
amuse the crowd...
before Robin parks his Tiger. Robin's Tiger demonstrates it's
sound system...
...before setting off down a slope.
And  powers its way
 back up the slope...
...much to the amusement of
Back up the top, John's JS2
chases the Tiger.
Mick's Tiger recovers Nigel's
half track.
Mick parks his Tiger up for a
photo opportunity!