As a thank you for including our UKTC roundel in the Military Modeller advertising pages when possible, we said we would attend the Militaria Fairs held in the Chatham Historic Dockyard which are held every second Sunday which is organised by the same chap. The first fair was held on a cold damp Sunday in November, Remembrance Sunday, so we had our two minutes silence in between tank driving. Garry Coomber brought his very smoky Tiger long complete with Tiger Cam, a  miniature video camera hooked up to a transmitter with a TV displaying the cameras output on our stand. First results were encouraging with some more development to follow. There are only a few pictures as poor Johnny was so cold he couldn't take many!


A line up of the models there that day. Not a bad collection considering the 07:30 AM start on a Sunday morning! Bryan Brown's new Sherman Firefly rubs shoulders with Big Dave's example. Although a new model Bryan has made it look 'lived in' with lots of extra clutter! Garry Coomber's smoky Tiger complete with Tank Cam. It's not easy to see but the camera is resting on the cupola just in front of the commander. A rear view of Garry's smoky Tiger. As it was so cold that day the smoke looked even more effective.

The following few pictures are from the April 2004 meeting at the Dockyard.
This month we were just inside the entrance to the slipway as we were requested not to fire the guns on the tanks inside! A fine collection of models here lined up ready to roll. Here Paul's Panther compliments Bryan's King Tiger (or vice versa of course!) Considering one is a medium and one is a heavy tank there's not a lot of difference between these two. Allan Richard's scratch built DUKW in we believe 1/12th scale. In the background is Richard's T34 and Humpy's JagdPanther both reduced to static display as both had no battery power! Bryan's King Tiger challenges an MP's stinger!
  Three 21st Century Stuart tanks from various members line up in front of the display.   Once again there is no six foot white rabbit in this picture! Just check out that grin!!!  

A few pictures from the Christmas 2004 Chatham meet. The picture quality is not as good as it usually is due to the gloomy conditions that day.
Not only is the Historic Dockyard full of Naval history there is a large section of the old Dockyard railway still in existence. The "Das Heer" re-enactors give a small wintry display. Not sure what this car is but it's huge and American! Garry "2rrs" drives his suitably adorned Tiger. Wait a minute, is that the ghost of Fred Dibnah on the right!! A line up of the festively decorated tanks.
Big Dave's King Tiger crewed by Elves? Garry's tinselly Tiger! Big Dave's shiny Sherman! Sixth scale Santa with his little helpers-ding dong! Santa and his helpers in his sleigh, err halftrack.
  "What's up Doc?"   The UKTC's very own Santa!  

A few pictures from the November 2006 Fair allowing Humpy to try out his new camera!
One of our newer members, Graham Ayris from Rayleigh in Essex took this motorcycle combination ... ...and motorized it complete with a Benedini sound module. Very impressive. Bryan's, Dave's and Kath's half-tracks lined up for action. Dave's King Tiger with it's wonky barrel dwarfs Bryan's Tiger1... ...while Howard's JS welcomes (!) visitors to the Militaria Fair!
Bryan's Elefant makes Richard's IS152 look positively tiny! Johnny's Technicolor Sturmtiger takes it's place in the SE Div's line up once more... ...while Humpy's muddy Panther sits at the end of the row. Noel's half track collection drew some admiring glances. Two wise monkeys? Which is which I wonder!