On Sunday 15th October last, members of the UKTC were invited to the Welsh Action Figure Show held at Chepstow. Our illustrious President went along together with his camera and sent me the pictures to prove it! Captions and pictures from Robert Bruce so don't blame me!!
That's my new look Panther finishing the war for Tommy (could be the reason for not winning the Military Vehicle Competition!) Mark Lawson's kitbashed figures carrying on the UKTC Allied prisoner theme! My new Leopard (thought I'd have to have the best tank in the world!!) Gareth's well dressed Stuart. Gareth's Kubel mid conversion.
Figures ready for the competition. More competition entries. Wills Firefly. Dave Pengelly's slow boat from China 1/8th all metal Sherman. Will's Tiger 1.
The Armortek stand showing the new prototype SdKfz 222. The winning 1/6th vehicle, a very nice Bradley. My SdKfz 251 all crewed up. Not sure could Dave P be handing the token over in the 1/6th RC Tank relay race! Incoming Models stand. Very nice people.
The show was well attended... ...with plenty of traders. Another very nice competition entry. Ade Pitman not doing his headless chicken routine!! The 1/6th diorama winner.
At the end of a long day, even the action figures have to pee!!!