September this year saw members of the club return to Laughton for a pleasant laid back weekend at the Laughton Country Fair. This is a smaller (but no less enjoyable) version of the Cuckoo Spring Fair with all the familiar vehicles, organisations and stalls together with the live bands in the evenings and the superb fire work display in the evening. The weather was fine for the weekend and the people came in droves. We were in a slightly different position than previously but as we were positioned on a corner adjacent to the burger vans (!) and on one of the main vehicle routes up to the display arena we saw all the vehicles lining up for their stint in the arena and they saw us! Below are a few pictures from Richard.

This scratch built WW1 tank was made by one of our newest members, Tom Mitchell who can be seen looking on while Garry makes a few adjustments. In this close up view the tanks crewmembers can be seen through the view ports. A good three quarter view of the model. Apparently the model represents the tank his father crewed in WW1. When we'd finished tinkering with the model, Tom packed it up and put it in the back of his pre-war Wolseley which he'd restored himself. Only one panel is original, Tom made the rest! The picture Jim didn't want the world to see, his tank on the height adjustable work bench after receiving some attention!!!
John's Panther takes on a scale model Scammel steam lorry. My money's on the steam lorry! A panoramic view of our corner display with some of the models in evidence. Richard couldn't resist a picture of this superbly restored Kubelwagen. There were a few military vehicles at the show including these two ambulances, one more recent than the other.  
This American truck must have a turbo as big as a dustbin as all you can hear is the whistle of it over the exhaust of the engine. Not sure what this is but it's butch and all engine! This little Ferret armoured car is a superb example and it's engine was almost silent. A Jeep and a Humber pig named "The Piggery"!! Very appropriate. These two trucks show the differences in design that thirty years make.
A newer version of the Ford Model T? An old compact tractor unit... ...and a more modern example of the same. This is almost like the Hare and the Tortoise! A few of the classic motorcycles at the show.
This looks like the car that the Ant Hill Mob had in the Wacky Races! You can just imagine the Fedora's and Tommy Guns! One of many American cars on display, just look at that wrap around windscreen! This sixties Yank Tank seems to go on for ever! Another fifties classic, what's with the headlight covers? Here in deepest darkest Sussex can be found an enclave of the Red Indian Nation.