A new event for 2006 was the Military Vehicle show at Duxford 2006. Held on Sunday 18th June, the Military Vehicle show plays host to dozens of visiting vehicles and the Land Warfare part of the museum site has a selection of working armour charging around the arena. An invitation to the club was taken up by Robin Ellis who's hard work brought about the best attended show for the Club yet! These first pictures come courtesy of Robert Bruce with no doubt more to come.

Willy's Firefly starts the picture gallery off nicely. Ray's GMC truck takes Kieren's Churchill for a drive. Kieren's Churchill practises it's bridge crossing ability. Allan's Firefly and M3 halftrack with Barry's Tiger in the background. Humpy and Foxy's Panther eye up a passing pair of legs.
Dave T's well weathered T-34 complete with a full compliment of tank riders. A selection of Ray and Kieren's scratchbuilt Allied models. Richard's IS152 threatens passers by. Big Dave's King Tiger watches... ...as Vince's Tiger rolls past.
Nigel's SdKfz 7 rests besides his dreaded 88 Flak36. A close up of Vince's half track complete with a full complement of crew! Lee's Tiger sports a large collection of jerricans, just the job for that thirsty Maybach. Lee's Sherman boasts an unusual camouflage scheme. Willy's late Tiger in Russian style yellow and green camouflage.
Robin's Tiger in a chilly snowy diorama. Mick Regan's Jagdtiger dwarfs Jim's command car. Barry's Tiger looking very yellow! Jim's Tiger and Chris's Infra-Red equipped Panther seem oblivious to Ray's T-34. Jim's award winning Tiger draws some admiring looks.
Hauptman Humpy's still got a drink problem commanding Bryan the Bastard! Oddball stares blankly from the turret of Garry's highly modified Tiger. The prize for the furthest travelled must go to Anthony with his King Tiger, Schwimmwagen... ...and Kettenkrad. Robert's fleet basks in the sun.
George's T-90 patiently waits for some trade. Iain's Challenger dwarfs Funker's SdKfz 251! This Porsche turreted King Tiger was spotted on one of the model displays... ...together with this T34-76... ...and this mid production JagdPanther
One of very few Conquerors to survive, roars round the arena. Another rarity is this Chieftain Marksman fitted with twin 35 Oerlikon cannons. One for Howard, a JS2 doing it's stuff. Outside of the arena area were a few displays by various sections of the regular Army including this BAe Rapier system. Outside the Land Warfare hall is this Centurion ARVE.
Whilst inside can be seen vehicles and dioramas... ...this is a remote controlled demolition vehicle. This German Sturmgeshutze III looks a bit sorry for itself. A good example of the very rare but very desirable Schwimmwagen. This Hetzer is posed within a small diorama.
Part of the Normandy diorama is this M3 halftrack and crew... ...an adjacent jeep... ...and this example of the Universal Carrier. This fake Tiger nestles within a partially destroyed building. An example of one of the most produced tanks in the world, the Russian T-34.
In one of the many hangars is a Battle of Britain exhibition with this enthusiastic Hurricane pilot... ...and this not so enthusiastic squaddie keeping guard over this downed Messerschmitt Bf109 One of the most famous aeroplanes in the world, the Avro Lancaster rests in another hangar. It's huge bomb bay enabled it to be the number one bomber from when it was introduced right up until the end of WW2. Another famous aircraft, the wooden wonder, the Mosquito.
This Bristol Britannia lives outside all year round for obvious reasons! An example of an Avro Shackleton maritime reconnaissance developed from the Lancaster parked outside.