On Sunday 17th June the UKTC were invited back to Duxford for their special military vehicle weekend. We were in a slightly different place than last year, astride the path leading up to the Land Warfare Hall and there were no restrictions on where we could go with the models unlike last year! There was a good turnout with a wide variety of models from the very small to the very large. Some of the guys took their models into the main tank arena and were lucky to get them back again in one bit. Some didn't! The mud was particularly gloopy and full of small track busting stones!!! Never mind, all good fun. Pictures from myself and Robert Bruce.

Here's a good view of where we were in relation to the Land Warfare Hall. There was a large collection of Axis vehicles... ...ranging from four wheeled SdKfz 222 armoured cars... ...right up to the mighty JagdTiger. The Allies were ably supported by Ray's tank recovery setup!
John's JS2 sneaks up on the Geermans! Jim's Kettenkrad makes light work of towing a munitions trailer and Nebelwerfer. Patrick (Funker's) very heavy 222! I couldn't believe how heavy it was! Paul's and Mick's Tigers I believe. Robin seems pleased about something!
Says it all really! Mick... ...and Patrick take the air! Mark (Armortek) Watkins with his Panther. No, nothing to do with that big communications company, this F15 A was based at Bitburg Airbase in Germany.
This BAC1-11 was a ground breaking design in its day and one of the most successful of our home bred airliners. In the American Air Museum, various planes are hung from the ceiling (just like when I was a child!). This is the famous P51, "Cadillac of the skies" This Grumman Avenger is painted up in the colours of George Bush (Snr) as flown off the USS San Jacinto. The world famous B17 sally B, on the other side of the nose is the Memphis Belle! In the main hall is this Jaguar ground attack plane...
...and one of my favourites, the TSR2, the planned supersonic strike aircraft, cancelled when the US realised the Brits would have something better than them ;-) Another of my favourites, the Bristol Beaufighter, otherwise known as whispering death! Another Bristol product, the Bloodhound SAM. Spotted in the model tent, this IR fitted SdKfz 251... ...while in the Land Warfare Hall workshops this is the 251's bigger younger brother, a Czech OT810 with no clothes on!
And here's the air cooled V8 diesel. This sheared drive shaft was on display. Not sure what it was from but you can bet it went with a bang when it broke! This pristine Kettenkrad was one of the more unusual vehicles on display. This T34 was tearing about in the main arena as it's muddy wheels and tracks shows... and this FV432 shows just how muddy it really was.
Robert's Panther had to be recovered on the Se Div's breakdown trolley! While Barry's Tiger needed some attention with it's tracks, Johnny provided plenty of weight to help compress the suspension!!! Humpy gives Robert 'the' look! Seen hurriedly disappearing into the sea of green was this unusual military vehicle.