On Easter Saturday members of the club converged on the Proving Ground for a days play. Fortunately the weather was fine and because of the dry weather we were able to take the cars and van down to the grassy area within the railway track. Big Dave brought his 1/6th Firefly for it's initial run round the Proving Ground as did Richard Field with his 1/8th T-34 and Alan Bates with his 1/6th Tiger. I was there with my models as was Howard, Jim, Peter and Garry Coomber. The day was quite successful with only a couple of niggles, Garry blew a speed controller and Alan had trouble with an idler. Johnny was there with the camera gear and Peter provided refreshments. Click on the pictures for enlargements.

Here's the first of a series of photos of Big Dave's Firefly.

This was the first time Dave got a chance to drive his Sherman, and he was seen to have a big 'Tony Blair' grin across his face.

The model ran well without any problems although it did seem to suffer from lack of traction which was a trait of the original.

Here we see it nosing it's way through the undergrowth.

The Sherman's got a little muddy in it's travels around the course. Never mind it'll clean up!

This is Richard's 1/8th T-34 being christened in the mud.

And noses through the undergrowth.

Even though the weather had been very dry the sunken road was very wet!

Alan Bates Tiger doing its stuff. Alan opted to buy a running chassis from Mark Spencer and fit it up himself.

Here's Alan carefully manoeuvring his Tiger across the twin track bridge.

The old favourite, Humpy's JagdPanther looking a bit battered! Hopefully this year it will get it's refit?

Here's Humpy's Panther proving that a 45 degree slope is no challenge to its ultra low gearing.

And crashing down the other side!

To prove a point Jim had to take his 1/6th Tiger up the same slope.

Although it went up ok, strangely it didn't come down that easily!

To live up to his 'Bank Stabber' nick name Humpy managed to ram his gun barrel so hard into the ground that it removed the superstructure of the JP from the chassis! A first!

Follow my leader around the track.

A standoff between the scales!

Uneasy Allies!

Howard concentrates hard with his new toy!

As to prove a point that the Tamiya models can go anywhere the larger models can, the next few pictures show various models going through their paces. The first is Jim's Sherman

Next is Jim's Pershing bulldozing it's way through the undergrowth.

Even liquid mud doesn't stop the Tamiya Pershing!

A Tamiya Tiger 1 shows the grass what it's made of.

Howard and Richard concentrating hard on driving their T-34's.

A close up of the T-34 twins!

A line up of the models there that day.

And with all the guys that were there that day.

The next two pictures show the new Dragon Hauptman Humpy figure only available from Cusworth Enterprises against the real McCoy!

A close up of Hauptman Humpy. I thought it was hero worship, Howard reckoned it was a piss take! Hmm.



This is a comparison of the Mark-1-Tank 1/6th Firefly with Peter Shaw's hand built wooden model. An interesting comparison and a portent of things to come?