Easter Saturday 2004 saw a meeting at the Southern Proving Ground once more. The first surprise we were faced with was Peter Shaw's massive girder bridge, all of 45 feet long! What a model. In addition to this (and almost overshadowed, literally!) was a ruined Châteaux building with a courtyard and more houses. It's getting like that you don't know what to expect next from this most prolific of modellers. Thanks to Johnny and Richard for the pictures.

Peter's latest masterpiece!  At 45 feet long with towers at each end and an imposing middle span a superb model.   The bridge is as strong as it looks and it's just as well! Here we see five 1/6th Tigers posed for a picture. And from the rear, a close up of the Tiger convoy. John Fox's Panther rumbles off the bridge... ...closely followed by Garry Coomber's Tiger.
The opportunity was taken to pose two King Tigers on the bridge to re-enact a famous picture... ...not that I can remember where I've seen it mind you. Mel Barne's Tiger cautiously makes its way across the bridge. Another revelation was Peter's new Châteaux building... ...it represents a ruined building with one half destroyed.
To give you an idea of how big the building is you can see here Garry's Tiger posed in the remains of the courtyard. Here Garry's (Kelly's Hero's) Tiger recreates that famous scene in the film where the Tiger runs past Oddball's Sherman hidden within a building. One of Peter's new buildings... ...and another. Here's what the Tiger's are after, an Allied fuel dump!
Peter's barn has two roofs, this semi destroyed one and another which is intact two give effectively two buildings from one.   A panoramic view looking towards the big bridge with all the buildings in the foreground.   What's everybody huddled around here? It must be something very interesting! It's Peter's new Elefant! I'm not too sure of the accuracy of the model not being an expert but it looks a smashing model.
It has the correct rear drive and runs very well. This picture shows the model at speed. Very nice. Howard's JS2 prowls through part of the village looking for a target.. ...and hides under a bridge awaiting some prey! Mark Spencer's new early Tiger looks very clean here.
It has all the Fieffel air filtering at the rear and a dustbin coppala. After being taunted about it's virginal appearance Mark decided to christen it by driving it through Peter's mucky stream. Mel Barne's brand new Tiger getting steadily more mucky... ...as it charges around the ground. Be careful with that knee Jim!
Richard concentrates hard on driving his T34 at a crazy angle! I wouldn't be allowed to do a website update without including Jim 'The Smoke' Cusworth's award winning Tiger seen here. Ray Spooner's scratch built T34 is seen here getting mucky. Ray built this himself using bicycle chain tracks which work very well. Perhaps an article for the Club Newsletter? A gathering of bodies during a lull in the driving and photographing.
After his T34 battery went flat, Ray went and got his RC Ferret (?) which uses a stock RC car chassis I believe.

Not to be outdone, John takes his Panther through the stream You'll have to clean that off before it goes in the camper john! Richard's T34 lies in wait while Humpy's Panther carefully rolls past. Humpy's Panther shows it's dirty behind!