Once again we met at Peter Shaw's for an Easter Meet. This year, Easter was early so we met on Saturday 26th March and although  early the weather was absolutely superb! We all turned up in coats and jackets and ended the day in shirt sleeves! Peter unveiled his new pontoon bridge and with assistance from some burly UKTC members it was floated into position for use. Howard christened it with his JS and others quickly followed. Allan revealed his 1/12th scale DUKW which went for a swim in the stream, Kieran showed off us his Matador truck which ran well and Dave brought along a couple of very nice half track models. A good turn out and an enjoyable day. Thanks to John and Anne Fox for the pictures.

Peter asks for some burly volunteers to lift the pontoon bridge into position... ...and an expendable volunteer test the buoyancy of the bridge! Howard decided that he'd be the first to cross the bridge with his JS. He took it steady just in case. As you can see the bridge bore the weight without any trouble... ...although being flexible it did move around a bit.
Not to be outdone Jim took his Tiger across... ...closely followed by steadily heavier models. Richard's IS... ...followed by big Dave's King Tiger (carefully driven by Humpy!). Ann took her Tamiya Leopard 2 over the bridge which budge an inch! As usual a large percentage of the time was spent chatting and comparing notes.
Jim took his Tiger for a drive under the trees. Dave's Maultier rest's for a while... ...and his Famo basks in the sun. John's Panther runs off the Arnhem bridge. This was it's first outing in the mud since being overhauled at the Uckfield Panzerworks.
John and Paul's Panthers rest up a while. Paul's Panther edges past a strongpoint... ...while Ann's Leopard hides in another strongpoint! Robin's Tiger crew seem blissfully unaware of Allan's Stuart next to them! Jim's Tiger fronts the Tank Park.
Allan demonstrated his 1/12th DUKW in the stream piloted by Chuck Norris!! Barry takes his Challenger 2 for a run, now this is a big model! Kieran's very nice Cromwell with his new Matador truck flying the Allied flag. This picture shows the construction of the truck quite well. Lyndon's Leopard and Sean's Tiger show well the difference in MBT design between them.
  When in doubt, brew up works well for the UKTC. Howard impressed everybody with his instant hot meal heated with his blow torch!   John and Ann both replied when the shouts of "Oi, Foxy!" went out after this little chap! This is typical of the sights to be seen at Peter's Proving Ground. Very pleasant.