Euro Militaire occupied it's usual slot in September, this year 20th and 21st. Held at the Leas Cliff Hall at Folkestone it's a convenient venue for our continental friends as well. In fact you can hear just about every European language there. This year the weather was superb with many trips to the bar which makes a change!  Below are some pictures from the weekend together with some superb shots of some of the models and dioramas in the exhibition hall. Thanks to Johnny and Richard for the pics.

Here we see the Tamiya models lined up. Jim has taken to placing the Tamiya instruction sheets in front of his models to demonstrate how easy they are to build. On the end of the Tamiya table is Jim's 35th scale diorama with a replica of his bigger Tiger also Tamiya RC. On the floor (because they're heavy!) are the sixth scale models ready to roll. On the tables (as they're not so heavy!) are the eight scale models with the T34 trio in front. Chris Leach's scratch built Anti-Tank gun and his RC jeep in sixth scale.
An unlikely set piece of King Tiger and IS152 with various mechanics and crew posed. Round the back some crew members are refuelling the King Tiger (or is he taking a leak?) Mark and Howard prepare their models for the next display. Jims Tiger noses out of the marquee... closely followed by Chris's.
The marquee was just around the corner from the main hall so there was a small drive to the 'display area'. Big Dave's King Tiger and Chris's Tiger line up whilst the West Highland Terrier in the background completely ignores them! Just like cats in a newly dug flower bed, the models were drawn to this loose soil to demonstrate their prowess. Poor Humpy's battered JagdPanther. This well used and abused model has run and run and all being well will receive a well earned refit this winter. Conversely this is Mark Spencer's brand new sixth scale Panther. Humpy did manage to break it though!
Howard's JS2 bashes Humpy's JP over the head. David and Goliath. Chris's Tiger pictured in the Western Dessert! Big Dave's King Tiger is recovered after a suspected speed controller failure. After swapping with a good one it was found to be a Radio problem which has yet to be resolved. Chris shows a rather attractive lady how to drive a Jeep! This is a BARV. Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle if I remember rightly. This was designed to recover DD Shermans and was brought up from the Hop Farm, Beltring.
Euro Militaire regulars are these American Civil War re-enactors. They always give a good display with a good commentary from their Sergeant. These guys were a bit thin on the ground this year! The first of the diorama pictures, this shows a badly damaged IS 152. A Maus which looks like it may have been captured judging by the GI guarding it.
A superb diorama showing the bravery but futility of these Polish Cavalry charging some Panzers. The end of an era indeed. A JagdPanther shown unusually with snow.  These guys are having an impromptu football match! A superb diorama showing the human side of war. Chris's superb RC Jeep poses in the sun... ...and again with some bigger Allied equipment.
This poor guy was minding his own business when somebody put his lights out! Seen heading up the M20. Commissar Field wearing his mobile helicopter landing pad! Some of the guys and the models that were there.