This year the show was held over the weekend of 18th and 19th of September. We had to supply our own tent this year as the organisers were making a few cutbacks! Saturday's weather was a bit grim but Sunday turned out to be sunny and warm. As usual there were a few re-enactors giving demonstrations as well as ourselves and some excellent models and dioramas in the main hall. Thanks to Johnny for the pictures.

Saturday morning was damp and very windy but we managed. The bigger tanks were put outside... ...when the rain stopped! Mark took the opportunity to give visitors to the show who were queuing outside... ...a little something to whet their appetite with his Tiger...
...and his half track. It took two hours to clear the queues! Dave's King Tiger rolls towards the hall in the rain. Richard's IS is unaware that Paul's Panther is hot on his tail. Paul's  excellent  Panther  against a colourful backdrop. A gaggle of tanks showing off in front of an appreciative audience.
The Russian's take to the advance... ...and the Germans are blissfully unaware! The UKTC can boast re-enactors in it's midst, Bob Pryor and sons (?) in full Luftwaffe uniform. The American Civil War guys were there with all their gear. During the weekend they did various parades...
...and demonstrations. Captain Mainwaring consults the Home Guard Rule Book... ...before calling his platoon onto parade. This year some Napoleonic re-enactors came along... ...and showed how it used to be!
Our favourites, the pipe band! The view from the top of the Leas Cliffe Hall.  A bit grim on the Saturday but on Sunday the coast of France could be clearly seen. This diorama showed Berlin as the Russians were fighting their way in to the city with animals from the zoo running away from the battle. Entitled "Santa is coming!" the crew of a JagdPanzer IV have plundered a jeep and have found some Christmas booty! Another Berlin diorama showing an Infra Red equipped Panther and Uhu half track.
A close up of the late model Panther fitted with Infra Red night sights for driver, gunner and commander... ...and a close up of the SdKfz 251/20 Uhu which was designed to extend the range of the Panther IR gear. This King Tiger represents one of the last King Tigers to come off the production line still in its unpainted red oxide finish. An Allied tanker takes a break next to a late model Panther turret. This is what happens when you take a 68 ton tank across a lightly built bridge!
  A motley crew basking in the sunshine...   ...and posing for a group photo!