Once again the club was invited along to the South East's premier model show. Held at it's regular venue, The Leas Cliffe Hall at Folkestone, the weather was superb for September and there were the usual international visitors from far and away. We even had some Australian's marvel at Vince Abbots animated 'Battle Barbies'! Thanks again to Johnny for the pics.

The big tents were pitched at the usual spot on the Leas, one for display and one for sleeping in... ...as usual Jim brought along his large collection of figures and dioramas... ...flanked by his equally large collection of Tamiya models. The old faithful 1/8th models don't get a lot of use these days being relegated to the display tables. Howard's JS with that huuuge gun!
Not so long but impressive none the less Richard's IS152! Johnny's Sturmtiger boasts a weapon of a different kind, a rocket propelled mortar... ...and a new commander! Cris's custom built half track thrilled the crowds with it's drop down sides and rotating and elevating flak gun. Humpy's JP charges along. Check out the polished wheel rims, just like the real thing!
Howard and Jim concentrate on driving their models. Jims award winning Tiger advances towards the enemy... ...but unknowing that the enemy is behind it! Howard's never far from the toolbox and here he is fixing Bryan's King Tiger. You can usually find a couple of full size military vehicles and this year was no exception with this US 'deuce and a half' truck...
...and this US M10 tank destroyer. This was unloaded and driven along the road with a huge cloud of smoke as somebody had blocked the path of the low loader with an illegally parked car! The Barmy Army Film Club were present with their usual display of WW2 artefacts. This chap was all alone this year representing an earlier period of history. This picture shows the main traders hall which was packed with visitors as usual. One of many dioramas on display this year, this shows some Russian soldiers surprised by Germans. You can just make out a German shooting an escaping Russian in the water.
Here you can see the Russian swimming underwater to escape the Germans bullets. Very effective. A Japanese soldier desperately tries to defeat a US Sherman at Okinawa. As the dioramas name suggests an unusual use for a King Tiger! Somewhere behind the front some German mechanics desperately try to return a Panther to service by fitting a new engine. At Stalingrad, some soldiers struggle to remove a T34 turret from a sunken ship to place it atop a suitable T34 chassis.
Entitled "Bloody Colonials" this diorama says it all. Two JagdPanthers of Schwere Abteilung 654 are connected together via rigid tow bars for a road march to use one to recover another. The gang pose for the traditional group photo. Just look what happens when I'm not around, first Hauptman Humpy is threatened at gun point to read the NKVD's little red book... ...and then his JP is captured for enemy service! Oh the shame!!!