This was the 2nd Heart of England Show organised by F Troop Promotions. This is a small 1:6 scale Action Figure and VAM show held 2 -3 times a year in Coalville, Leicestershire. Rivetcounter, John Davie and myself representing the UKTC. The weather was outstanding so short where on for ladies (not so many this time, maybe word got out L). A good time was had by all.

John’s JS2 in the foreground my Panther in the rear. Lovely Panther! The Pak 40 was aimed at the 1/6th Collector table as a gentle reminder J Some of the 1/6th Collectors table. A superb sniper figure.
Another modern figure. This mutt dio was again out of this world! Allan Webster's generous donation to the 1/6th Collectors Club charity drive (it is for sale!) This is a multi award winning dio (and not Jim Cusworth's!) The 1/6th Collectors table and banner.
Dan from Smashing fella, don’t forget to ask discount! One of the many trade stands. Some of the larger 1/6th dio pieces available. Rivetcounters “PC” dio (this boy needs help!) My Kubelwagen just parked up enjoying the weather, what is a convertible forJ
These guys had travelled from mainland Europe to be greeted by Rivinda! 2 x Willy’s Jeeps  the one to right is now mine, it is now captured by the Axis J Herr Hitler doing “I’m a little tea cup” or “I’m camp” Rivinda and John D talking tanks and world politics.

Last but least, Rivinda has pulled, get ya coat luv J