Sunday May 2nd saw the Club at Lambourn Woods, near Swindon attending a one day country show. It was a refreshing change from the normal 'hectic' RC model shows and as we were the only RC users we could do what we wanted when we wanted. There were a few classic cars and military vehicles together with craft stalls and a boot fair. Martin Payne and Lee Sellens worked hard, together with their support crew, to set up a superb display with a river, bridges, guard towers and the like. The models went down well with the visitors and the sun shone. A good day was had by all. Thanks to Martin for the pictures.

Martin and Lee did the Club proud with the display that they 'knocked up'! Underneath the Gazebo's were a good display of Tamiya models. Whilst outside the bigger models... ...were parked up in the sunshine. Martin was the first out with his Panther. The bridges were very effective and strong although a tight squeeze for Big Dave's King Tiger!
Martin takes his Panther through the river. And again! Jim's award winning Tiger crossing one of the bridges... ...and runs over some rubble. Another view of the models and the course.
Martin's Panther worries the Goon in the tower... ...and demolishes a strong point. Humpy's Panther climbs the side of Mt Lambourn. Look at those tracks! Somebody's Pershing grazes a concrete bunker. Martin's Panther on the girder bridge.
Somebody's Sherman rumbling along in the rubble. At the end of the day Humpy decided to start demolishing the display area... ...with the inevitable results! It almost went over and teetered on overbalancing but settled on its left track. After a little tweaking, the Panther was up and about in a few minutes.