This year we had the same spot as before complete with earth mound, roadways and bridges. The sun shone it was lovely and warm and the crowds turned out in droves (at least to look at the tanks!) There was a good turn out with a wide range of models and they were well received by the visitors to the show. Thanks to Richard and Robert for the pictures.

The tent was pitched at one end of the display area... ...which overlooked one end of the display area... ...and the tank park in  the middle of the display... the end of the display area showing just how much room we had to run in. Sheltering in the lee of the hill is Howard's JS taking aim at Bryan's King Tiger.
The Allies fielding three Firefly Shermans, a Stuart and an M3 Half track. The Axis have a fair collection of models in their tank park. Nick's King Tiger trundles gingerly across the big bridge. Bryan's King Tiger and Richard's IS wait there turn to display. Martin's BergePanther receives some attention from a crew member.
    Mel's JS complete with tank riders. Another of Mel's models, his SdKfz 251 half track. The back end of Robert's Panther vies with Jim's Tiger for bicycles and other clutter!
Robert's Panther out on the prowl. Jim's Tiger also out looking for business. This Kubel's in for a rude awakening! Humpy's Panther climbs an impossible slope with ease... ...but as Humpy was absent who was driving in this wholly irresponsible manner!!!
John's moody looking Panther lines up to soak an unsuspecting onlooker. Jim and John driving their models... ...while Nick has an aerial view... ...of his King Tiger. A side view of the big bridge complete with an expanse of water beneath and two Panthers.
A goon tower complete with guards overlooks the guys with their heads buried in a tank. A ruined building formed from painted blocks on the crest of the hill. The UKTC SE Div's tank transporter hides in the distance. (Hides?) A real mix of models lined up next to the crowd line.  
Old meets new... ...the new being Barry's Challenger II. Howard's JS2 silhouetted against the sky. Greg takes his Panther for a run. Richard gives his T34 some TLC!
  These children are enthralled, perhaps UKTC members of the future? Nick's King Tiger surveys the horizon. This is the all new Radio Controlled Howard with Mel firmly in charge!