This year's Lambourn show was one of the biggest attendances by the UKTC members ever! There were 31 larger scale models present and coupled with a good display of the smaller scale models made for a superb turnout. Martin and Eddie put in a lot of work to prepare the display area starting two days before and Ann Fox kept the tea and sandwiches coming. All in all a really enjoyable show. Thanks to Robert Bruce, Martin/Lisa and Bev for the pictures.

The two SE Div tents, as seen from the mound, flanked the main display area and made a display tent and a messing tent. Gary Bailey brought a few of his model collection along for display... ...and he brought his wife along for a day out as well! Bev Johnston brought his landing craft and LST models along... ...together with some of his Tamiya models.
Humpy and Howard's half tracks showing work in progress. The Allied forces were gathered at the top end of the field... ...whereas the Axis were huddled around the bridge. Jim's award winning Tiger goes a roaming. Nick's King Tiger hides behind the earth embankment waiting for some trade.
Robin's Armortek Tiger caused no deflection at all of the bridge. It bent when Humpy stood on it though! Kieren's Churchill went well all day enthralling the crowds with it's roaring engine. Eddie's factory finish King Tiger crests the top of the earth mound. Martin's Panther nestles beneath the bridge deck while it's owner chats in the background! Ray's Daimler Dingo scout car didn't get a lot of use as it's more suited to wide open spaces to take advantage of it's speed!
Robin's Tiger covered in crew while Hauptman Humpy looks on. Ray's M3 half track taunts the Axis with a drive by shooting! Some of the excellent truck models of Ray and Kieren with an interloper between. Big Dave's half track hurtles around the show ground demonstrating it's speed... ...while giving it's passengers a good shake up!
Robert Bruce's Panther has his half track full of Panzer Grenadiers in support. A busy scene as Ray's Churchill rumbles past while Humpy's JagdPanther charges across the bridge while Eddie's King Tiger awaits a run through the river. Foxy's Panther seems to have sneaked up on the Allied camp. A gaggle (?) of tank drivers with only one tank being driven to be seen! These two scarecrows were collecting for charity. Some would say they'd look right at home in the UKTC!
There were a few military vehicles present with this Abbott a forward control Land Rover... ...and this REME FV 434. Dave has a bit of trouble with his JP... ...while Humpy fixes Howard's JS (he didn't break it and he did ask Howard whether he wanted to fix it himself). This makes for a good caption, Humpy says "Keep yer ruddy 'ands in yer pockets"!
Barry's as yet unfinished Tiger negotiates a steep slope... ...while Nick's Tiger commander keeps his head down! Kieren's Churchill carefully rounds the bend in the elevated road. Bev and Robert's Panthers make a fine sight. Will's Sherman Firefly takes it easy across Ray's bridge section.
Jim's Dragon Kubel modified for RC use has a well earned rest on display. Another view of Bev's landing craft and Tamiya models. This chap seems to want to end it all! Foxy's Panther about to surprise Bryan's Firefly. Another view of Kieren's Churchill as it crosses the bridge.
Bev's Panther feeling better after some attention from that Panther lover Humpy! Eddies King Tiger has received some attention from Howard. Bev's Stuart looks out of the tent at the big boys in the display area. At Jim's checkpoint diorama it looks like the Chaindog is going to be clocked over his head by a Panzerfaust! Martin's Panther rumbles across the bridge.
Richard's IS 152 looks on as a static exhibit. Foxy says to Howard, "How do you reckon the propeller comes off then?" or is it "Do you think it'll go in the back of the truck?"! While everybody rushes round packing up, Humpy enjoys a well earned cup of coffee and a muffin!