Over the early May bank holiday weekend, members of the Club descended on Lambourn Woods for the annual spring working. This year's attendance was slightly down on last year (the weather forecast wasn't terribly good and it was a bank holiday weekend whereas last year was an ordinary weekend!) but there was a good turn out none the less. Members came from far and wide drawn by the idea of a best model competition and a time trial around the Lambourn course! There were some handsome prizes donated by Mark Spencer of Mark-1-Tank and Modellers Loft as an incentive to enter both competitions. Thanks go to Howard, Robert and Martins better half Lisa for the photographs.

A view from the mound looking towards the admiring public! Looking from the far end of the compound you can see just how big the time trial course is. Just part of the line up of models on display. Kampfgruppe Bruce with some of Robert's dollies, er, action figures! Ann Fox's Flak crew keep their eyes peeled.
Jim Cusworth's hybrid Kettenkrad proves it's mettle by transiting the time trial course. Lee's extremely lazy Tiger crew! Robert's Panther gingerly descends the mound. Gareth's Stuart, re-assembled after coming a cropper! Some of the real military vehicles present at the show, and Abbot SPG...
...an FV432... ...and a WW2 US M16 quad flak half track. In the best model competition, Barry receives his third place prize... ...for his Afrika Korp Tiger... ...with lifelike crew!
Jim receives his second prize... ...for his award winning Tiger! Robin receives his WaSan T-34 for first prize... ...for his excellent winter camouflage Tiger. Martin has his credentials checked!
In the time trials, Mark (one of our newest members!) receives his third prize... ...for his Tiger. Dave receives his second prize ... ...for his newest model! Humpy receives first prize after a false start (flat battery!)...
...with Bryan the Bastard seen here tearing up the slope from the Lambourn bridge! Gareth got the booby prize for flipping his Stuart over backwards... ...and Greg got the consolation prize for the slowest speed round the course! Here's a picture of the guys that were here. Unfortunately, Foxy found a rather large stone that modified the idler on his Panther with catastrophic results!
  Poor Martin tries to find East!   While Uncle Adolf can't get any privacy in his privy!!!