Laughton is the location of the Cuckoo Spring Fayre, near Lewes in East Sussex. Legend has it that during the winter the Cuckoos are in the keeping of an old lady of uncertain temper; if she's in a good mood she goes to the Fayre with a cuckoo in a basket and releases it. As from that day spring arrives and the cuckoos are heard all over Sussex! Well that's the legend and this is how the Fayre got it's name. In years gone past it was a true agricultural concern but in recently it has developed into the all the all round event we have today. The club was invited for all three days and was given a generous pitch with room for all our vehicles and display. It was a good weekend with a little rain and lots of interest in the models. With a bit of luck we'll be back next year!

Jim's Tiger parked up in front of our banner. Most of the vehicles in the background belonged to club members, that's how big our display area was! Dave holds the fort while the others are out driving (or eating). As usual, Jim did us proud with an impressive display of figures... ...and Tamiya models. In actual fact the Russian captured King Tiger is Howard's, as is the Toyway 1/25th T34. These guys were part of a 'living history' type display with all things WW2.
There were quite a few military vehicles at the show including this DUKW... ...and this GMC 6x6 truck. I do believe this lorry chassis is the basis of the DUKW in the previous picture. One for all the Telephone Engineers out there. I half expected Dave to say he remembered these vans! I'm not too sure about this car, it looks like a Morgan but the 'Q' plate suggests it may be otherwise. I do know that's a 1960's Vauxhall FB Victor next door though! The first of a few fire engines. Why are they all called Dennis though?!!!
These must be WW2 vintage I would have thought. Anybody know. This is a Peregrine Falcon (I know 'cos it says so! Thanks Johnny!) There were quite a few birds of prey at the show. Not too sure about  this  little chap, looks "well 'ard" though! A country show is never complete  without a few  traction engines. This road roller would once have been a common sight on Kentish roads (spot the brass Kent horse Invicta mounted on the smokebox).
This showman's engine would also have been common at one time hauling and powering travelling funfairs. The large object slung sideways across the smokebox is a large generator. Also at the show, but from a completely different era were these powerful tractors used for pulling competitions. Back to the tanks and the lads prepare to go for a drive. A few minutes and a cheeseburger later and here they are at the other side of the field. Jim's award winning Tiger goes hunting...
...but doesn't realise it's being stalked by a sneaky Russian! Humpy's JP, Howard's T34 and John's Panther entertain the crowds. Little and large! An interesting comparison of scales. 1/6th, 1/8th and 1/16th. After running out of ammunition, Humpy's JP and Howard's T34 joust!
Richard's IS decides to give the T34 some morale support by swallowing the JP's gun barrel! Humpy's JP seems ok after it's traumatic ordeal... ...but it did lose a hatch after some particularly explosive 9mm blanks! Here's Harvey in his new re-incarnation as Das Bunny! Hauptman Humpy does what Humpy does best!