9th April saw the latest Mark-1-Tank open day. Highlights of the day were the new 1/8th metal Sherman which is the latest in the M1T range and the rocket firing from Bryan's SdKfz 251 half track. It was a nice day although windy and cold but the glow from the UKTC SE Div's new tank transporter kept everybody warm!! Thanks to Johnny and Ann (without an "e") for the pictures.

We were blessed with sunny weather although windy and cold. Dave Dibb from Armorpax had some of his wares on display including his jeep here. Some of the guys had there Tamiya models on display... ...including this WSN T34 of Jim Cusworth in captured German markings. Here we see the glow from the UKTC SE Div's new tank transporter!
Some of the guys admire the racking and internal layout of the new transporter although there's a lot more to do. Does this look to posed? The trucks tailift doubles as a workbench and is infinitely adjustable for height! The new 1/8th Sherman in the M1T range drew a lot of admirers and favourable comments. In this close up of the turret the amount of detail can be seen clearly. The model was quite capable although it was fitted initially with mechanical speed controllers which are to be replaced with proportional ESC's.
Mel seems  to  be  making a bit of a  statement here!    Eddie's factory finished King Tiger seems to be embarrassed! John's superbly moody Panther rests for a while.    Bryan's King Tiger has come out of his garage for a play... ...as has his Sherman Firefly!
Quite by accident we realised that there were six 1/6th King Tigers present so rather than miss the opportunity we line them up for a photocall. Mark's T34 provides artillery support to the beleaguered Russian troops. Martin's BergePanther in the making. He's working on the big dozer blade so we should see that at it's next outing. A King Tiger receives some attention to it's engine from some mechanics. A half track brings some spare parts in for the Panzer mechanics.
Nick's rather fetching King Tiger prepares for the off.     Chris, in a world of his own, drives his Tiger around Spencerville. A squad of American GI's keep an eye out for the enemy... ...as there British colleagues do the same. Not one of the German big cats here but a British small cat plays with John (or is it vice versa!)
Bryan's half track has the metal frame attached which supports the rocket launchers. Howard attaches the firing wires to each of the rockets... ...and fires the first rocket... ...quickly followed by another. Very impressive although not very accurate! Ann (without an "e")    demonstrates her photography skills.
  The latest clone dolly from Jim is this Mel figure complete with bright red fleece and pipe...   ...judge for yourself if it's a good copy!!