The latest Mark-1-Tank open day took place on Saturday August 5th which proved to be a superb warm and sunny day. Once again, the demented Fox was seen blowing things up here and there and the roving Armorpax/Spearhead sales stand was doing a roaring trade. Pictures here from Robert Bruce who apart from the chap who came from Switzerland to see the tanks must be up for the furthest travelled award.


The superstructure of the new Armorpax/Spearhead Panzer IV was on display... ...and the beginnings of the master for the JagdPanzer IV top was mounted on top of the prototype chassis. Dave smiling? Sales must have been good!! Peter and Chris take time out admiring the picture of Humpy in the Scale Model International magazine! Mel looking very dashing in his high vis UKTC clothing!
"Garry, when I drive the quarter scale Tiger, you take a picture of it"! This father and son team came down from oop North with a very nice King Tiger. Eddie looks very happy with himself. Garry demonstrates how to get a good action shot by laying on his belly. While distracted, Dave drove his BergHetzer over Garry's legs which he probably didn't feel. Bryan the Bastard could be a different thing though!
Dave's been on the happy juice by the looks of it. An interesting comparison of quarter scale, sixth scale and sixteenth scale. Can you tell which is which? Chris's Panther and Kath's half track (Ermintrude) lay up in one part of Panther Platz... ...while Mark's, Paul's and Humpy's Panther prepare to move out... ...while Hauptman Humpy continues his drink problem!
Paul's Panther is an excellent example both from the front... ...and the rear. Mel's T-34 tears along the Marx Street. Robin's, sorry, Robert's halftrack and Kubel sit next to Rivet's Kubel. Eddie's King Tiger driver seems to be happy!