Mark Spencer of Mark-1-Tank issued an open invite to all UKTC members to come along to Easton Manor to take part in a Battle Day in and around the rapidly forming 1/6th world at Marks place. Vince Abbott came along with his Armortek Tiger which impressed everybody not only with the looks but with it's running qualities. Sarah and the catering ladies kept us chaps fed and watered which made for a great day. Click on the thumbnails below for some pictures from the day.

Visitors to Marks 1/6th World have a good  look  round  before   the start of the days play. As can be seen, Sarah had the hospitality side of things all sewn up with hot and cold drinks and all the food you could eat! First thing in the morning Chris fills the river Dave with a hose pipe (I think!). Nick  puts  the  finishing touches to his latest building. Four wise monkeys. I'll leave it to you to decide which is which!
Vince Abbot's very nice Armortek Tiger impressed everybody with it's smoothness and excellent paintjob. It makes a change to see a Tiger in Panzer Grey. Bryan's Elefant basks in the glorious sunshine. We were very lucky with the weather as the week previous it had been awful. Greg's very clean Panther heads off across the Russian Steppe. Howard's JS searching for more prey while Garry's Tiger rolls on oblivious.
Humpy's models nestle in the undergrowth. They were so well camouflaged that Vince didn't see the JP and ran over it with his Armortek Tiger! Ouch!!! And here they stand guard over Marksville! Jim's celebrity Tiger rolls towards some dragons teeth.   Howard's JS gets a good washing from Bryan's Elefant. Mark's King Tiger receives some attention from a 1/6th scale mechanic.
A kubelwagen poses with some figures among the ruins. A couple of Tommies take cover. Mark looks puzzled with Bryan's Elefant! Mark checks out Vince's Tiger. Mark's early Tiger looking very menacing...
...and disabled by a mine! Later, after some repairs it was seen hull down waiting for a target. Martin's ultra clean Panther hiding behind a veil! He had a huge toolbox which was full of dusters and polish! Mark's IS152 gets knocked out on the bridge over the river Dave. Nick's early Tiger, presumably named after his better half?
Mel's Tiger reveals itself as it crosses the railway line. Two T34's in a defensive position awaiting the might of the German Whermacht.  Mark's  Firefly  takes  cover against a barn. Nick's Tiger rolls along the main East West Road flanked by tank traps. Harvey looks after the frequency pegs.
Richard's IS152 takes a defensive position ready for the Axis. A Russian sniper picks off all those silly German tank commanders that drive around with their heads stuck out of their turrets! A T34 rolls onto the river bridge unaware that it's being watched! Another of Nick's buildings, this time a purpose built Tank workshop, er, barn! Barry takes the Elefant for a stroll.
Some GI's get directions from a Para.  As there were four 1/6th King Tigers present it was decided to take advantage of the situation and pose them for a few photo's.  This picture and the previous, a couple of King Tiger's receive some TLC in the heat of the battle. Four King Tigers lined up for inspection... ...and silhouetted against the sky.