Saturday 29th January saw Mark Spencer having another of his open days at his Easton Manor headquarters. Although it rained at first it cleared up and held off for the rest of the day. The damage was done however and conditions were somewhat muddy to say the least! A good days running was had by all although cleaning up the models afterwards took some time. Thanks to Antony (the calendar man) Rowley for the pictures.

By this time of the day the weather had cleared... ...some models were posed around Marksville... ...and here the Russians await the enemy. The rest of the tanks were laid up in the tank park. No website update would be complete without Jim's Tiger featuring somewhere! He would have you believe it's because it's an award winning model!
John Panther stands ready to take on the Russkis... ...complete with an engine deck covered in clutter. Chris's Tiger takes a break from calendar duties to go mudplugging. Mark's King Tiger at the maintenance shed receiving attention. Looks like a new engine. His Panther stands by for action.
An unmanned Pak40 ready to be hitched up to a passing half track... ...and here's Dave's half track ready for the off. Dave had come down all the way from Scotland to pick up this model and judging by the grin on his face all day he was pleased with it! Another part of the maintenance shed has some spares racked up ready for replacement. Barry's Challenger II goes for a run in the mud. This model is most impressive handling the conditions with ease. Mark's Half Track peers through the ruins.
  Humpy's babies watch over the proceedings from their lofty perch...   ...looks like the Panther's about to have an argument with a telephone pole!