Saturday October 30th saw an open invite to all UKTC members to Mark Spencer's premises for an all out running day. People came from far and wide (literally!) and made it a superb day. There were 34 1/6th models present, 9 1/8th models and 12 Tamiya models, an absolutely fantastic turnout and the weather was good to boot. Pictures are from Johnny with hopefully more to follow.

A good idea how many people came along by looking at this picture. A superb turnout. Seen here is Michael Witmann in conference with some of his crew... ...meanwhile the maintenance crews work on a Tiger. Nick's Tiger rolls off the Bailey Bridge. A 21st Century Stuart rolls toward the front.
The Russians lie in wait for some prey Dave checks out his very muddy Tiger. A Sherman Firefly spots a target... ...and manoeuvres to take a shot. Jim's Tiger exhibiting a slightly wonky gun barrel!
Paul's very nice T34 at speed. Vince's Tiger survives a near miss... ...and rolls down the main street of a shattered French town. Bang up to date is this Challenger 2... ...and this Abrams which both impressed the crowds.
Big Dave has a sneaky play with his new half track. The Northern lads bask in the sunshine! Humpy seems to have something growing out of his hood! Harvey and PIAT toting bodyguard watch the proceedings. Poor Jim's target suffered a bit at the hands of some powerful air rifles!