In early May 2004 some of us went along to Mark Spencer's new home to assist with the setting up of a display area for the tanks. Fortunately the weather was fine as it didn't look too good earlier that morning. Various tasks were undertaken including erecting buildings brought along by Jim and Bryan, painting and detailing them, planting conifers and various earthworks! Below are some pictures from the day from Johnny.


The first view is along the River Dave (named after the digger driver!) past St Jim's (named after it's builder!) and the Ford to the strongpoint in the distance. Looking from the Ford we see Spencer Street joined half way along by Marks Way! More buildings are on their way to fill the village streets. Garry hard at work painting one of Bryans buildings... ...and this is what it looks like when it's finished. Some of the brickwork is a bit wonky! Over to the left of Marksville are the Ardennes Hills populated with miniature conifers. Perched on top of the hill Barry's Challenger can just be made out.
Here's Barry getting to grips with the Challenger, a monster amongst models! Just like the real thing the model has incredibly fast turret traverse, lethal in the wrong hands! Barry gingerly runs through the ford. Mark has placed some paving slabs into the water so that it's not too deep and to protect the pond liner. Jim and Garry busy planting conifers and more conifers. "You don't want to do it like that!" Howard instructs Humpy on the art of 1/6th scale bricklaying! Nice pose H!
Alan's Tiger roars up into the Ardennes. Elvis checks out the River Dave for wildlife. Nick threatens Alan's Tiger with the lawnmower. Nick's excellent early Tiger poses... ...and then gets mucky!
Not to be outdone Jim proves once again that the Tamiya models are just as good as their bigger brothers. John gets into practice for the car crushing at the War and Peace Show! Howard attempts to hide the JS2 in the remains of a house. Hmm. Jameson's T34 at speed skirting the Ardennes Hills... ...and fording the River Dave.
Humpy's recently refurbished JagdPanther runs across the grass at a far more sedate speed than it did! Garry's Tiger about to give a soldier a headache. Mark's early Tiger nestles between some ruins awaiting it's next target. A line up of Panthers in Spencer Street. From the front, Mark's, Paul's and John's. Under cover of a smoke barrage (thanks John!) the Russians advance.
Paul's excellent Panther which he recently detailed and repainted. At the rear can be seen his scratchbuilt storage boxes and spare wheels. Meanwhile from across the Steppe come a troop of Tigers. Close up we have Nick's, Alan's, Mark's and Jim's Tigers. Mark's Panther fording the River Dave. There is no white six foot white rabbit in this picture, honest!