On a very wet Saturday 29th November Mark Spencer held his open day. Throwing his home open for members of the club to display their models in return for (nearly!) all the food and drink they could manage. A fair exchange some would say. Unfortunately, as previously mentioned it was an awful day but Mark had the foresight to erect a gazebo or two for the drivers and spectators to shelter from the weather although not all stayed dry. Apologies for the delay in posting the pictures and the quality of some of them but as it was such a dull dreary day photography was difficult to say the least and finding enough reasonable pictures to post wasn't easy. Thanks to Johnny, Richard and Howard for what we have though.

Mark had Peter Shaw's Maus on display after receiving some upgrades. Also on display was the famous Chinese M1 which Mark had so much trouble with, very impressive nonetheless. Mark had a few models 'undressed' to show the various stages of construction. Here we see the man himself, taking Bryan Brown's Firefly around the course. Jameson Robinson's T34 at speed!
Jameson's T34 again from another angle. Check out the exquisite paintwork if you ever get the chance. Big Dave's King Tiger doing what looks like 100MPH! And disappearing over the hump before wading the water splash. Bryan's Firefly which must get the award for the most amount of clutter on a model! Mind you it looks superb for it.
Chris Leech's scratch built SdKfz 222 charging around Myers Close. Hopefully in the future Chris will supply me with a construction article! I'm not sure who brought this model but I believe it was scratch built. Very appropriate immersed in the water splash. Although quite suited to the water it struggled in some of the more muddier sections of the course. This I feel will be the Clubs Mascot in years to come. Young Elvis, the only living 1/6th scale dog in the world! Howard's JS2 noses through the mucky water splash.
And here ploughs through the liquid mud. Humpy's Panther bulldozes its way through the water splash, and anything that gets in its way! The DUKW owner also took this single motor clutched Tamiya King Tiger around the course including the water splash! Not to be outdone Jim decided that he'd do the same with his model. Although it did get a bit jammed up with crud!
Mark's 10 ton Panther making light work of the water splash. And again, making an imposing sight bearing down on the camera man! Mark's speedy T34 slides round a corner... ...and charges across the camera's field of view. Mark's faithful Tiger getting it's wheels wet...
... and chewing up the mud. Visitors look on as Howard and Richard drive their T34's around the course. Richard's T34 looking very wet... ...as does Humpy the transmitter boy . Mark's King Tiger waiting in the wings.
The UKTC's South East Division (minus Humpy's JP) lined up ready for their turn. The aftermath of a days play, Marks back garden looking like something from the Somme!