Military Odyssey was held over the weekend of September 13th and 14th at the Kent County Showground, Detling in Kent. This is primarily a re-enactors show with societies representing anything from ancient Greeks to Vietnam. The weather was kind to us again and a good time was had by all. This show was a first for the Club but we were well received by both visitors and organisers alike. Below are some pictures from the weekend, thanks to Johnny and Richard.

Our stand was close to the central crossroads of the site next to the main arena. Hence we had lots of interest in the models. Here's some of the bigger models on the ground to save our backs! And the Tamiya models were on our new lightweight tables. Complete with smelly camo net! As usual the Dragon figures of Jim all come for a weekend away.
This little chap never said a word but he stood staring in disbelief for quite a while. The Greek Hoplites limber up for one of their displays. These guys were the only people dressed for the weather! Not too sure who these are, Italians I think? "Bring out your dead!"
"I'm not dead yet!"
"You soon will be!"
Is this an example of the Intercontinental Ballistic Naafi? No I think it's just an ordinary one.
I think these are Normans. Nice shiny helmets! Part of the English Civil War display. Those pikes look really dangerous, even if they are blunt. Some more ECW people. By the end of the weekend a lot of them had black eyes and bloody noses! Some idea of fun! A very smart turn out from these re-enactors. I believe they are British troops from the Boer War.
Part of the huge American Civil War contingent. They even had Cavalry. ECW again and very colourful. Part of the First World War displays were these Tommys and Nurses. Is this Marie 'Let them eat cake' Antoinette? And is that General Patton behind her? Howard's JS2 impresses these Russian Guardsmen.
Howard's JS2 and Richard's T34 apply to join the Guards. Three wise monkeys. What a cracking picture. Out and about again and a mass formation of tanks diverts attention away from the ice cream van. Our very own medal winner but sadly without medal! Humpy's been let out with Big Dave's King Tiger. What will he say when he finds out he's been bashing into other models!
Big Dave and Richard take centre stage while Humpy hides out of frame. This picture is priceless. Look at the little lad with his hands over his ears! Garry explains the workings of a Radio Control tank to a Royalist. Garry's immaculately clean Tiger taken from the film Kelly's Heroes Here's Oddball (Donald Sutherland).
And here's Big Joe (Telly Savalas) Jim's Tiger is filmed for an up and coming program to be screened on Sky's Men and Motors Channel. Now we all have an excuse to watch the Channel! Jim is caught with his hands in his Tiger's innards. Looks like Howard's JS2 has been knocked out by Dave's King Tiger! Here we see the planned Russian supertank using the Tiger's ultra reliable chassis!!!