Once again, August bank holiday saw members of the club attending this all round re-enacting show with the added bonus of the unveiling of the SdKfz Foundation's JagdPanther which took part in the three WW2 re-enactments. We were allowed to get right up close to the JP and later were granted access to the inside which was fascinating. Thanks to Johnny and John Goodman for the pictures (so far!).

We were more or less the same place as last year but it was a bit of a squeeze... ...so some of the models had to go outside on the floor... ...and fortunately the chap next door allowed us to park some models in front of his airsoft range. Dave Pengelly brought his Tamiya collection along to compliment Jims! As usual the 1/8th models were posed on tables.
The world famous Jim Cusworth takes his equally famous Tiger out for a run. Dave's Goliath at speed in front of the stand. These models were spied inside the indoor market but we don't know whose they were. I wonder if Bletchley Park know that these guys have an Enigma machine? A squad of 95th Rifles men doing their morning drill.
"Stop throwing those bloody spears at me!" The 25 pounders about to give the German re-enactors a pasting! A heavily camouflaged Land Rover. A lone soldier prepares to face the Zulu hoard! This Desert Storm display came complete with an Iraqi POW!
This Chieftain was unfortunately a static exhibit all weekend together with a Chally 1! A German Kubel awaits some top brass. A British MG nest with a pair of water cooled Vickers. Napoleonic soldiers march forward to battle. On the far side of the showground were all the modern military vehicles.
Right by the front gate was the Bovington Tank Museum display with their PzIII in pride of place. A heavily armed Jeep with Paratrooper crew stands by. Looking through a pine forest the Russians make camp. A seabees truck... ...with their insignia up close.
The Yankees prepare for parade. A wind powered artic explorers sled. More Napoleonic soldiers. Some Romano British in their encampment. This Chafee managed to see off the JP on all three days! Hmmm, I don't think so!
Some very attractive nurses with their underwear on the washing line! The latest flattering figure (!) from Mr Cusworth. A mugshot of the members at the show. What a fine body of men (and women!). Sean Reeves with an inane grin on his face in the commanders hatch of the JP. "This time you've gone too far Cusworth"!
These pictures from Garry 2r's Coomber!
Bryan's new Tiger 1 rolls along the road... ...with his animatronic commander on lookout. Sean waits patiently for the breakdown trolley after the Elefant's battery has gone flat. Johnny's Sturmtiger commander looks suspiciously like a JagdPanther commander. Is this our very own Johnny in another guise?!!
The German troops on the ground look up and see incoming Jabo's. The allied air cover seems to have taken a hit... ...and hurriedly breaks off the attack. This OT810 Czech copy of the German halftrack tows a Pak37... ...complete with crew.
    German dispatch riders dismount and prepare to fight on foot.