This is the Northants Model Makers 3rd annual Show, but our first. The show was opened by Mat Irvine accompanied by Dr Who's Robotic sidekick K9. As a result of the show we have picked up two more events.

Robert's, Ben & Sam Johnson's 16th scale tanks on the Saturday Robert's 16th scales on Sunday Robert's Panther & SdKfz 251, Nigel Allen's Tiger 1, SdKfz 7 & 88mm Robert's SdKfz 251, Nigel Allen's Tiger 1, SdKfz 7 & 88mm The old Panther with Wittmann picking up the cheque for refuelling
Nigelís Tiger Nigelís SdKfz 7

Robert's SdKfz 251

The gang again, we did try a little posing Ditto
A beautiful diorama from the Northants Model Makers And another I believe this was the War Gamers table

I loved this one I had a go with the "F" stops on m new camera

One of Mat Irvine's Dr Who ships cool huh?
Who needs words a picture of one of my heroes Ok this was a stand off, fortunately his laser was disconnected One man and his Tiger An unusual picture of Ben Johnsons KT, itís in one pieceJ

Robert's Panther strutting its stuff

The result of running a 150kg tank on rough terrain

And the resulting repair from the above this one is for MelJ

Sam Johnson doing what the Johnsons do best, gluing things together The Saturday gang obviously minus my self, didn't want to break camera on its first outing Nigel demonstrating the universal sign language for "T"