These are some pictures from the indoor meeting on Sunday 8th Jan of our more Northern colleagues. The pictures, captions and video are from Robert Bruce.

Mark Lawson, Ben Johnson and Sam Johnson. I obviously caught Sam during prayer time. Paul with his KT, heís our Humpy type driving specialist. My collection of 8 1/16th scale Tamiya models. My Tiger collection. Bob Johnsonís Tamiya R/C Kubel (converted to proportional steering and throttle) & scratch build PAK37.
Paul praying to the kubel. A view of the Kubel's insides! Some of the buildings in the village.    
Bob Johnsonís collection. Bobís full option Panzer IV front... ...and the rear. Bobís Hunting Tiger... ...and the rear!
Bobís Tiger. My Sherman wearing the building camo scheme. Again my Sherman aerial shot. Mark Lawson working on his Tamiya Tiger with Aber PE add-on. A close up of Markís Tiger 1.
Sam Johnsonís Kellyís Heroes Sherman in the fog (trials for NEC with fog machine I got at Christmas). The village in the fog (more tests). Again Samís Sherman coming out of the fog. Paulís KT hiding from my Pershing. Markís anti tank crew hauled up waiting for victims.
The view from behind Bobís Hunting Tiger in convoy. Another view of the village, there will be around 2 dozen buildings for the NEC show. Inside the German HQ. Troops getting ready to fill those thirsty Tigers. The anti tank crew still waiting to mop up what their armour miss.
Click on this link to download a video of the days proceedings but beware it's rather large at 26Mb so a Broadband connection would be recommended!

Or another video here, again 27Mb odd!