The last Raunds up, as you may have guessed from the title this will be the last time the Model Ex07 will be held at the Windmill School, next year it will be moving down the road to the local airfield. We had a 100% increase in members & models from last year. The weather was good, maybe a little windy. As always people were amazed at the size of our models especially the ladies J.

Before the punters turned up John D making those last minute adjustments My babies still looking far to clean J John Dís CR3 and JS2 Nigelís 222 unfortunately static at the moment, but lucky for it A close up of Nigelís 222 crew
Nigelís 8 foot tiger! Nigelís flame thrower Dave Tís lopsided T34 Johnís JS2 Collins Tiger 1 this is the first time Iíve seen this one and what a nice job heís done
A SDKFZ 7 in the early stages Lee Ďs 88 very nice My sonís 1:16 Hen Pong Walker Bulldog with weathering by Rivinda Some of the static models More of the static models
Even more of the statics These meccano models were outstanding Another one again superb The next few are for Humpy I believe they are planes! Yes Rob, a P51 Mustang, Mig15 and a Gates Learjet I believe! Another Plane. An F4U Corsair carrier borne fighter.
Yet Another Plane! This is the Focke Wulf Ta183 Huckbein, it was to be the successor to the Me262 but the FW factory was overun before it could be finished. Have you seen the size of this thing? Cool!! This was hand build all working, wow! A model farm my, daughter liked this! Boats
Boats More boats! The gang, they look so cheerful!! Mmmm, how did they get in there, erm very artistic. One for Johnny! Well youíve heard of doggin, havenít you this is hard core Rusky style!!!