The latest meeting at Rufford was a busy affair with lots of members and lots of models. Thanks to Robert Bruce for the pictures and captions.

Setting up our 1/16th scale village as supplied by Rivetcounter. The Bridge Too Far as supplied... ...and assembled by the Johnson Collective! The Allies take up position in the village. Supplies are arriving.
Rivets Aber Tiger and dwarf JagdPanther sneak up on the Allies. Paul's bridge and King Tiger and Ben's King Tiger before he broke it! Bob Johnson's Kubel and scratchbuilt Pak37. Robert Bruce's son shows his mettle. Robert's daughter showing skill far beyond her years!
Rivet and Ben giving the Stug a little TLC. Bah punters! This is what we do to punters 'oop north'! Rivet taking his King Tiger for a walk in the woods. It could be two men fishing, but Paul and Sam aren't, they're tanking! Paul and Darren watching the world go by. All Paul needs is a mushroom to sit on!
Bob and Ben share a father son moment. The gang show their more photogenic sides. Robert Bruce's kids chilling! Cloughie and Stormtrooper show us what they're made of! Our newest best friend, our kettle and life support!
  The result of letting Sam Johnson drive his Dad's pride and joy. Please note that the mudflap is jammed into the tree by his driving prowess!   "Who ate all the pies?"