On Sunday November 3rd some of members met up for a run at the newly commissioned Northern Proving Ground at Rufford. Thanks to Matt Juffs who has worked with various local bodies to make this happen. Hopefully Matt will put pen to paper and tell us how he went about it. Thanks to Robert Bruce for the pictures and captions.

Robert has this down as a 1/20th scale Panther standing guard but I wonder whether this is a 1/25th scale Academy model?  The bridge end defended by various Axis armoured vehicles. Bens King Tiger after Roberts Sherman showed it who's boss! Funny looks more like Humpy's driving! This is definitely like Humpy's driving, Bens King Tiger leaves it's holiday home! Tim W's Tiger.
Ben's off road King Tiger going off the ground.  Barry Smithson's nice snowy camouflaged Tiger. Close up of the 20th (25th?) scale Panther. Matt hedging his bets with his Pershing and Tiger. Matt's new Tiger.
Matt's Tiger doing it's stuff. Matt's Tiger again, getting some exercise. Matt's Tiger takes the bridge. This is more like it, a spotty JagdPanther! Like the Panther they are both 1/25th Academy models owned by Mark Lawson. Matt's Tiger getting dirty.
Allied bunker taken by Herr Matt's Elite regiment. One man and his Tiger! Robert's Sherman in for a nasty shock... ...as it advances across the bridge. Roberts Sherman again from another angle.
  The next three pictures show Roberts 1/8th T-80. Here it's going to see how many Tigers it can leap across! Here the models lights are seen to good effect in the gloom. A close up of the intricate camouflage pattern.