On the second weekend of August this year we were invited to take part in the Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society (IMPS) annual rally held at the Sellindge show ground near Ashford. The IMPS are keen to provide a broader spectrum of stalls and exhibits at their events and as such we were invited along to the show. They are also quite keen on us becoming "associate" members of IMPS with whatever benefits that will bring. It's still early days but it can only do the Club good. Thanks go to Johnny again for the pics.

We had enough room for our two big tents and the truck at the back. This is John Homer's 21st Century Stuart... ...and his recon Stuart... ...with it's top off! Dave Pengelly's JagdPanther basks in the sun.
Also in Dave's collection is this quarter scale Goliath demolition charge. John's field gun. Some of Jim's large collection of dollys on display. Jim and Dave's Tamiya King Tigers. Dave's 1/10th JagdPanther which was scratch built up for sale (now sold!)
More of Dave's Tamiya collection with Richard's Wa San T34 in front. Nick Curtis's T34 with metal mudguards from the Uckfield Panzerworks! Johnny's Sturm Tiger immobilised after a terminal speed controller failure. This is a quarter scale model Jeep powered by a small two stroke engine! This is a 3 ton Dodge truck. I don't think the flashing orange light is authentic!
The British answer to the Jeep, the Rolls Royce powered Austin Champ. An Austin K8 Ambulance as made famous in the well known film Ice Cold In Alex. A Willys Jeep with, we think, a condenser mounted on the front. Can anybody confirm this? This Kubel although in three colour European style camouflage carries Afrika Corp insignia! A Morris light truck we think.
    A line up of the models and members at the show.