Over the weekend of 28th and 29th February some us attended Trucks and Tracks which is a similar show to Euro Militaire but held earlier in the year. Like Euro, the venue is the Leas Cliffe Hall in Folkestone which is ideal for these kind of shows. The hall is actually built into the cliff face and above is the full length of the promenade on which to run the tanks. This year the weather was reasonable but cold and snowy on the Sunday which prompted some Eastern Front type re-enactments. Thanks go to Johnny and Richard for the pictures.

This is the Hop Farm Country Park's BARV, or  Beach  Armoured  Recovery  Vehicle.It was intended  to recover tanks that were disabled in shallow waters such as the Normandy beaches. This is an Achilles tank destroyer mounting the British 17 pdr on the M10 chassis (thanks Nigel for the correction!) I don't know who it belongs to but I'd hazard a guess to say it would be something to do with the Hop Farm again.   Bob Pryor's unusual   camouflaged Tiger makes a refreshing change to the normal Tiger colour schemes. Chris Leech's Tiger introduces itself to a young admirer. Chris's Tiger in Desert colours with the snow at Folkestone!
The Tiger was crewed by some unusual characters that day, can you spot who they are? A clue is they both appeared in a well know Hollywood adventure movie! What a fine body of men. Howard and Jim shelter from some of the more inclement weather that East Kent could throw at us. Unfortunately the snow didn't come out very well in the photographs which was a shame as every time it snowed someone would rush out with a tank and camera to try to recreate the Russian Front! Mark's T34 with a very appropriate colour scheme.
Garry's Tiger at speed with a little snow in the picture. Jim's Ford Mutt in Whermacht colours was seen speeding around in the sunshine. Humpy's faithful Panther with some rather sloppy tracks (as usual!) Soon after a link was taken out of each side, the first since god knows when. A collection of models scurrying about in the snow while their drivers shelter from the weather. Jameson's excellent T34 basks in the sunshine.
Jim's award winning Tiger (how could we forget!) during a photocall... ...and the back showing all the clutter that Jim's Tiger crew have gained in their campaigns. In slightly better weather a group of models doing their stuff on the Leas. Humpy's Panther about to give Jameson's T34 a good hiding, or is it the other way round? Mark's T34 chases after Bob's Tiger to show him a thing or two about winter camo!
Meanwhile inside the exhibition hall are a large collection of models entered in to various classes for the main competitions. This is a panther turret as used in static defences. A little something for Richard (a VW fan) I guess the inscription means something? Anybody speak Latin? Here's an interesting model, a German quad 20mm flak mounted on a captured T34 chassis. Another unusual model is this T34 with presumably mine rollers on the front.   This is the SU assault gun   based on the T34 chassis which can mount either an 85mm or a 100mm gun.
A very nice Berge Panther model with lots of extra detailing added. This is a strange one, it looks like a BergeT34 or SU if you prefer! Would it have been a Russian conversion or something the Germans would have done? This is my favourite Diorama. I forget it's name but it has featured in many Magazines in the last few years.    Another superb Diorama was this very realistic Panther complete with Infra Red gear. Last but not least, Hauptman Humpy has a new home courtesy of Jim!