This year held over the weekend of the 24th and 25th of February, the weather was warmer than in previous years but we still had some rain! This year we were in the entrance foyer with a huge stand which we didn't expect fortunately we took the yellow truck so we had plenty of models to fill the stand. This year we won the best Club stand which was a pleasant surprise and sets a precedence for next year! Pictures and captions from Humpy.

Here we can clearly see the size of the display we had to fill up... ...but I think we managed quite well! Dave Dibb from Armorpax attended the show on Saturday but he doesn't look well! This is just part of the hall with Jim, Chris and Sean in the bottom right corner spending their hard earned. Just to prove it, here's another Club stand...
...and here's another. More half tracks than you can shake a stick at! One of many dioramas on show, this shows a Kriegslok (literally war loco) railway loco with a JagdTiger presumably just unloaded. This could be the UKTC tea wagon! This superb Vietnam diorama had so much going on it was difficult to see all of it... ...but here's the good guys...
...and here's the bad guys. This is a mobile drilling rig. Not clear in the picture this is a huge model. One for the ladies, or is it one for the lads! Meanwhile, outside on the Leas some of the guys take their models out for a run... ...conscious of the fact they are being watched.
Jim's just fired the gun on his Tiger as can be seen by the two ladies reactions. A close up of Jim's Tiger crew. The two award winners pause for a photo in the sun. Georges T-90 demonstrates a good use for scrim net. Chris's IR equipped Panther. Possibly the best IR Panther in the world?
Paul's Tiger makes for a good picture in the afternoon sun. Kath's half track at speed on the Leas. This model went on to win a Bronze in the 1/48th and larger scratchbuilt and modified section A gaggle of tanks show of to the crowd. As is usual with Tracks and Trucks, the weather wasn't good all weekend. Jim and Paul's Tigers form up in the rain. Poor Hauptman Humpy's getting soaked but he's still not taking his sunglasses off!
Noel's Stuart makes it's way in the rain... ...with here a close up of his commander. The best Club Stand award. A team award for a team effort, well done everybody. Chris's coochy coo's his Panther! Three wise monkeys. Say no more!