This year Mark Spencer kindly let members of the Tank Club descend on his Easton Manor Farm HQ for a general Tank running day. Saturday 2nd June was the date and the weather fortunately was fantastic. Mark was joined by Mark and Gill Watkins of Armortek and Dave Dibb from Armorpax/Spearhead and members running models from all three of the major UK manufacturers to make a superb day enjoyed by all. As the sun went down the BBQ came out to make an end to a perfect day. I counted 64 and a half (yes a half, my Stug chassis!) 1/6th models in an unprecedented display of RC models. Mark has already agreed to do the same next year so maybe we can improve on this next year? Thanks to Robert Bruce (so far) for the pictures.

The day dawned bright and sunny which was a relief as the weather had been awful previously. On guard duty at the main gate was Herr Cusworth... ...and Herr Leech... ...backed up by Commissar Fieldski! No, the picture wasn't taken with a fish eye lens, he really does look like that :-) At the rear of Spencerville was a temporary airstrip protected by various Allied armour.
Just some of the Axis forces lined up... ...together with Humpy/Chris/Kaths grey green trio. Various German vehicles pause before battle. Mark's Panther moves forward. Howard's Tiger crew enjoys the sunshine.
Dave's Bergehetzer awaits another customer.   Dave's Hetzer lies in wait.   Alan's Tiger rests amid the long grass.
  Mark's King Tiger hides behind a ruined building. Nigel's SdKfz 7 with 88mm Flak and crew enjoys a nice drive in the country! Sean (Bulldog) Tamiya Sherman Calliope and Panther. Both highly modified from the original.  
  Richard's IS152 makes like a house!     Robert's Pak 40 crew await another Allied victim.
This Panther wheel came from the Chatham Militaria Fairs that we attend regularly! Mark's quarter scale T-34... ...and Bryan's quarter scale dominated the entrance to the field. Dave Dibb enjoys himself (is that a smile?)... ...putting the finishing touches to his Stug.
Robin's snowy Tiger looks out of place in the brilliant sunshine. Rivet's 1/25th scale JP goes for a stroll. Sean uses his comprehensive toolkit to repair... ...a track shed from his Chally. So, that was one sugar each then!!!