Once again members of the club descended on the Proving Ground for a running session followed by a BBQ and a social evening. A very warm weekend with lots of sun made for good tank driving weather, good photography and a good evening. The BBQ food was supplied by Jameson who is very welcome in future at any of our BBQ's! There were a couple of broken track links and some minor adjustments but no major problems, though Humpy managed to break his Panther gun barrel. Thanks go to Johnny as usual for the pics.

As usual when we arrive at the Proving Ground, Peter's been busy making more buildings. This German machine gunner looks very pleased with himself! Another addition is this gun emplacement... ...and this stable building made out of corrugated paper! This poor chap jumped out of a JU52 over Crete and landed in West Sussex!
Come on Dave, even you can't miss at this range! Big Dave's Firefly eyes up Alan and Jim's Tigers. "Elsa, Elsa let down your hair" says Hauptman Humpy, "Not on your nellie" she cries! Bryan Brown's King Tiger makes it's inaugural visit to the Proving Ground. Howard's T34 takes on a giant German! Jameson's T34 holds the bridge against impending German attack...
...and here it comes in the form of Jim's award winning Tiger. Will he ever let us forget that? Probably not! No obviously not!!! Big Dave's King Tiger rolls into town. Howard's JS2 makes an impressive sight as it clears the German armour before it. Nigel's spotty Panther poses in front of the railway.
Jim's Tiger closely followed by Alan's rush to plug a gap in the lines. Peter Shaw's early Tiger complete with Fieffel filtering. Peter's Sturmtiger rolls past the stable building on it's way to the siege of Shoreham. Big Dave's Firefly carefully probes the enemys defences... ...not knowing he's in the sights of a crack German anti-tank gun crew.
After Humpy's failed attempt at camouflaging his Panther, Howard offered to help, and this is the result. It would seem that there are birds nesting in the Flamvernichter! The new camouflage must be good though as this Russian hasn't spotted it! Garry Coomber's Panther takes a quick break from driving... ...as Garry takes a quick snap for the album.
Just to prove it's not all boys, John Fox brought his wife along for some driving. John's rather nice Panther. Hmm! Dave Brady drives his Tiger towards the course while Alan munches a sandwich. This was the Tigers first run around the Proving Ground and both model and driver did well. We did try to dissuade him from driving through THE stream but as it was nearly dry he got through ok.
Apparently Brunel's Broad Gauge found it's way to Russia! Jim's Tamiya King Tiger makes a menacing sight. Humpy's Panther doing what it does best, bulldozing it's way around the course! Bryan gingerly drives his King Tiger through the sunken road. Robert tries his hand at Bryan's King Tiger. Mark Ford drives his Tamiya Tiger around the course. Mark won the award for the most travelled seeing as he came all the way from Exeter.
His Tiger's not finished yet but it acquitted itself well around the course. Alan's Tiger looks for targets. Mark Spencer brought his latest model he's working on, a 1/6th Panther, just to tease Humpy! What a touching picture, one man and his tank. Priceless. Paul Fenner takes his excellent Tamiya King Tiger through the rough.
And here's a close up of the model. This is Paul's Tamiya Sherman. Again another superb paint job. Jim's old faithful Tamiya King Tiger. No smoke though Jim? Robert's Tamiya King Tiger basks in the sun. This model, also Robert's, is based on a Sherman serving with the French hence the unusual colours.
A line up of Robert and Paul's models. Humpy and Garry's Panthers out on the prowl. What a fine body of men! From left to right, Jameson, Nigel, Humpy, Richard, and Paul. Howard's JS2 bends the girder bridge as it rolls over it. Peter says "Now I don't think you wanted to do that!"
Richard says "Doh!"
Robert's T80 takes a quick rest before charging off around the course again. I wonder if that Panther commander knows he's being tailed by a T34? Richard's almost slick T34! There is a theory that Richard is trying to rip as much detail off his model as he can! The German troops wonder why the Russians have made a series of miniature T34's! Howard, Richard and Jameson's T34's Howard and Richard driving their models around the course.
  There's a lot of discussion going on in this pic! Robert hijacks Bryan's King Tiger while Mark tells him not to break it!